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What Google See

Welcome to Google See Checker, you can view page as googlebot, to esitmate what are search engine see on your website. This tools is base on what google see at google page, you can go to google page then type and then choose Text-only version, here is the example. You should use this tools to make sure googlebot can see your web content, unless you have to wait for googlebot come and update their index.

What Google See
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How Googlebot first finds your site?
There are essentially four ways in which
Googlebot finds your new site.

How often do Search Engines Crawl?
Search engines constantly crawl the web.
depend on how often you update the content.

What Googlebot does on your site?
Once Googlebot is on your site,
it crawls each page in turn. and then it ...

Controlling Robots or bot
To prevent Google from crawling certain pages,
the best method is to use robots.txt to control robots