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Vasile Stoica

Vasile Stoica
Vasile Stoica helps you to boost your business to the next level via professional marketing strategies.
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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Digital Gamification
The game, the very word evokes positive and joyful thoughts. The idea of fun excites people. Incorporating the idea of fun and the joy of playing a game into mundane tasks can prove an effective way t
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Ultimate Guide That Illustrates the Importance of Anticipatory Mindset
For most industries, the technological progress mainly affected the physical component of what businesses do. During the industrial revolution, the companies achieve competitive advantage by substitut
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Why to Use Podcasting as Your Content Marketing Channel in 2018
Did you know around 98 million US citizens are listening to podcasts annually, with more than 50 million individuals listening to them on a monthly basis? Yes, the present podcasting explosion has bee
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Top 10 Strict Donts of SEO
SEO services are based on optimizing the website based on its content and format. Following are the top 10 miscalculations that even the most experienced and best SEO Company may enter into: 1. Errone
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Building Blocks of Word Of Mouth Marketing
Marketing is a tool to reach out to people and make something accessible to the public. People power is the core when it comes to word of mouth unless an individual is deeply satisfied with either the
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Artifical Intelligence-Friend or Foe to the American Workforce
In the past few years, the field of artificial intelligence has improved by leaps and bounds. Todays technology and understanding of robotics has made it conceivable that machines with abilities simil
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Digital Sales World 2017 Dublin November 14th, 2017
Digital Sales World 2017 Conference Overview, November 14th Dublin, Ireland The 3rd annual Digital Sales World event was an opportunity to network with Digital Sales professionals and to stay in touch
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How to Build Your Personal Brand
Whats the one thing thats in common among people of interest? A brand image of themselves! They have qualities that are solely unique to their own persona. Individuality A good example of this would
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Tech Trends at #WeAreDevs Conference 2017
A Story to Tell #WeAreDevs Conference VIENNA May 11 12 This year I had the opportunity to participate at #WeAreDevs Conference as a winner of MindMeisters free ticket contest. I was very interested t
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Inside Sales World 2016 November 15th, 2016
Insides Sales World 2016 Conference Overview, November 15th Dublin, Ireland As AA-ISP Romania Chapter President, I had the opportunity to participate at #ISW2016, featuring international speakers from
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