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System Analysis And Design

System Analysis And Design
System Analysis And Design PDF, Notes, Ebook Free Download.
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What is an Interview ?
WHAT IS AN INTERVIEW ? (A) definition An interview is a formal face-to-face meeting, especially, one arranged for the assessment of the qualifications of an applicant, as for employment or admission.
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Determination of DFD
DETERMINATION OF DFD Armed with interview results, tabulated questionnaires, and experience through personal observations, the analyst is ready to describe the current system in narrative form, with a
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Observing the Current System
OBSERVING THE CURRENT SYSTEM The analyst may want to observe the existing system personally by following transaction. such as in invoice, through it. Direct observation allows the analyst to verify hi
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QUESTIONNAIRES Questionnaires economically gather data from both large and small groups of people. Properly constructed, they do not take long to complete and statistical results can be quickly tabula
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Who to Interview ?
WHO TO INTERVIEW One of the analysts first and most important tasks during the data gathering phase of the analysis process, is to determine who has to be interviewed. This includes selecting the inte
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Dos and Donts of Interviewing
DOS AND DONTS OF INTERVIEWING The rules of interviewing are similar to the rules which govern most human interactions and to the rules which govern most investigative and problem-solving processes. In
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Interviewing Guidelines
INTERVIEWING GUIDELINES Given these various phases and the variety of goals of an interview, the importance of properly conducted interview should be self-evident. Since each interview is in fact a pe
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What are the Goals of the Interview ?
WHAT ARE THE GOALS OF THE INTERVIEW ? At each level, each phase, and with each interviewee, an interview may be conducted to: Gather information on the company Gather information on the function Gathe
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Interviewing Components
INTERVIEWING COMPONENTS The interview process itself consists of a number of parts. Selection of the interviewee and scheduling time for the interview. Preparation of interview questions, or script. T
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Types of Interviews
TYPES OF INTERVIEWS During the analysis process, interviews are conducted for a variety of purposes and with a variety of goals in mind. An interview can be conducted at various times within the proce
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