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Stylish Corner

Stylish Corner
Stylish designs and decorating ideas for home and garden
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15 Unusual Under stairs storage ideas and solutions
Modern stairs present an additional functionMore and more, the question about the use of the area under the stairs is into the center of attention of designers and architects. It arose as many practic

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30 Eye-catching modern wallpaper designs for all rooms
What is the pattern wallpaper?If you look at the next picture, you're probably wondering: do we have in this wall to do with stone or pattern wallpaper?The answer is: Yes you can do thisWith the devel

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14 Functional true Space saving stairs design ideas
Today is about the inspiration, space saving stairs design. Whether you get the design of your own home, or just looking for some ideas and imaginative ideas for renovation or refreshment from any per

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23 Classy glass staircase design ideas for Elegant interior
Staircases made of glass look modern and extravagant
The use of glass has expanded by leaps and bounds in the last ten years. One of the most obvious reasons is the progress of the production process t

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