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Stylish Corner

Stylish Corner
Stylish designs and decorating ideas for home and garden
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30 Fascinating interior design ideas with Optical illusion
This theme has its place again and again in our articles. However, we noticed that we actually never discussed explicitly. Mainly through color and light you can reach very many optical illusions. The

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Fancy modern 3D wallpaper designs: surprise your guests
These days digital wallpaper is becoming more popular, especially due to people choice that is not limited to a certain range of models today. Now you can order your own modern wallpaper designs!Fancy

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Beautiful modern bedroom decorating ideas with 20 designs
When life is filled with work and daily activities, the bedroom is the only place where we can relax and take a break from all our worries. If the bedroom is framed properly, it can easily help you to

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24 Inspiring modern living room furniture sets with elegant designs
To make the old fashioned living room now, is not a difficult task, but you should probably say goodbye to some of the living room furniture design. How would we describe the modern living room furnit

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45 Stunning modern stairs design ideas for high-class interior
The staircase is often one of the most striking elements in a house, because it is usually seen from almost every room and the entrance. While some homeowners opt for a conventional wooden luxury mode

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charming modern kitchen designs combined with living area
Modern kitchen designs are now available in various models, but today the kitchen is not designed in a separate room, but more and more a part of the living area. And it is precisely this fact poses a

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Space saving stairs ideas: Under stairs storage solutions
are you looking for under stairs storage solutions? The creation of storage space under the stairs is a wonderful way to save some extra space. Actually, you can go even further and position a small k

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Amazing DIY wall decor ideas with simple materials
Do you Look at the empty walls and do not know what you can do to fill this uncomfortable space? to find and buy a beautiful work of art is not so easy, so why do not you take matters into your own ha

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20 Cool wooden stairs design ideas provide easy climbing
 Modern wooden stairs designs are static structures, The optimum method for viewing wooden stairs design is watching people rising up and down. We spend most of our lives inside, so interior wooden st

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Top 20 modern bathroom designs and ideas for 2015 - Amazing!
Just think: according to statistics, each person spends in the bathroom for about two weeks in a year. Do you want to make your bathroom into a beautiful and calming space for relaxing the body and so

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