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Retro Sweets

Retro Sweets
A wide selection of retro sweets.
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Free Prize Draw
With Easter just around the corner, we thought it was time to do another free prize draw. To qualify simply just like & share the image on our Facebook profile. The lucky winner will be picked from a
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Easter Eggs Anyone?
So Christmas has been and gone, along with 2012. I walked into a local co-op store shortly after xmas and seen that it took them just a few days and they already have their Easter eggs stock out on di
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Snack City Christmas Bestsellers
This Christmas snackcity has been a popular choice for most of you, it has been interesting to what confectionary items were top sellers this Christmas. There was the obvious sweet tubes, like jellybe
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British Sweets Abroad!
Were expanding our customer base to the rest of the world. Were fairly a new company but you wouldnt believe the amount of interest people have shown in us. Whats more impressive is the fact that a lo
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British Sweets!
I stumbled across a great article on the Guardian by Rachel Cooke, an article about how sweets are so British and she even thinks that they should be included in the citizenship exam – what a great id
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Retro Sweets On eBay!
We are running several small promotions on eBay! We have listed them on eBay as auctions, most starting at just £0.01!!! some of the products we are selling on eBay include retro sweets but also range
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Top Christmas Toys 2012
Retailers across the country each have their own idea of  what they think will be the must-have gift for children this Christmas. The top Christmas toys for 2012 are mostly traditional toys giving Chr
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Discontinued Confectionery In The UK (Wonka Nerds & Lucky Charms)
Why do Chocolate/Candy/Confectionery companies spend millions upon millions of pounds on launching, only to discontinue the product we all come to love years after… Take for example General Mills Luck
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Luxury Advent Calendars (some may say over the top)
Leading on from our Christmas blog post the other day. We hope that everyone has or is in the process of getting an advent calendar. Its a yearly event in most households, even most adults participate
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American Sweets
As a child (and probably even an adult), most of us grew up watching American shows and hearing our favourite charachters referring to American sweets that we never had in the UK, not to mention seein
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