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Your daily dose of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and product reviews.
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Crave Healthy and Athena: Healthy Cravings for Women
When it comes to drinks, one thing I know. I cant live without milk! I just love drinking milk at night, and I rarely, mostly never, drink chocolate or tea without milk on it. I believe on the healthy
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How to Improve Your Career This Year in Style
Your look is everything, and it matters more than you think. Refining your own personal style, and curating how you come across both online and in person can help you personally, and it can help your
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5 Reasons You Need to See a Chiropractor
Chiropractic treatment promises the hope of getting better and living a life without pain, but the best part is that it promises all that without involving drugs or surgery. If that alone is not enoug
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The Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs
For years we have heard that successful entrepreneurs are mostly Type A personalities, but recent research has shown that many highly respected and ultra-successful entrepreneurs lean more towards bei
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Top Money Saving Tips for Early Vacation Fashion Shopping
Its never too early to start buying a new wardrobe for your next vacation! In fact, the earlier you start your clothes shopping, the easier it will be to spread the cost, allowing you to put more mone
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Why Is My AC Frozen Over?
If your AC unit has suddenly developed a habit of freezing over, you need to begin making plans to have it looked at by a technician. There is nothing normal about this problem and it will only contin
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The Wedding Cake Tradition
All the preparations have been done, your dress is ready. The wedding cakes been ordered too. Its how you want it to be. While some couples have started going for wedding cupcakes as they can be order
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Top Tips for Buying Beauty Products Online
Online shopping has revolutionized the world of commerce for both consumers and businesses. There are now very few products and services which cannot be purchased online and beauty products are no exc
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Fjallraven Kanken Mini Backpack Review
Ive been trying to inventory my closet for sometime now. Apart from realizing that I own too many clothes than I could wear is that Ive failed to invest in good bags in my wardrobe. I own quite a numb
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Ways to get free samples of body and bath works
Day in and day out, you use quite a few body care and home care products to groom yourself and to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Body wash, shampoos, hair care products, moisturisers, lotions, f
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