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What is Bitcoin Gold? All You Need to Know.
Bitcoin gold (BTG) is the result of Hard Fork of the Bitcoin Blockchain. Bitcoin Gold is the new branch of Bitcoin Blockchain at block 491407. There is no alteration in the original bitcoin Blockchain

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How to Hide Your Last Seen on Instagram
Instagram is the most trending social networking app every kid, teenager and grownups are into. Instagram or Insta is the coolest app to share photos and videos using your smart phone. It is easy to u

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How to Create an Effective Facebook Business Page
Facebook is one of the most powerful social networking site with more than 800 million people using Facebook every day. Facebook has become very popular as well as powerful in last few years and rulin

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How to Identify and Avoid Bitcoin Fraud
Bitcoin has earned huge popularity and achievement over the years.  From making millions of dollars to become the victim of scammers it can be nightmare for you. As they say the good comes with the ba

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What is Proof of Stake wallet? Why it is important?
Blockchain is the new revolution and there is a lot to explore in this technology. Every now and then we come to know something new or a new term. Proof of stake is a term which is very common in term

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How to build DApps (Decentralized Applications)?
Decentralized applications run on peer to peer network of computers and not on any single computer which means no single person or computer can control these software programs. DApps are the modern wa

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Here are the Things You Need to Know Before Buying Bitcoins
Bitcoin is something everyone is aware of. Bitcoin has gone on a bull run last year and proved itself a great investment. No doubt investors consider it their first choice even if it is going down.

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How to Make Your Own Cryptocurrency
Blockchain and cryptocurrency is almost everything. We all know how to make money by investing in cryptocurrency however if you ever had a thought about how these cryptocurrencies are created or are i

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How You Can Speed up Your Apple Watch
Apple watch is generations old now and if you have got one of the initial generations Apple watch you might be seeing lag or slowness and sometimes getting an error like apple watch is not responding.

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Investing in Cryptocurrencies? Tips to Survive in The Bear Market
Crypto market is the most volatile market and there is nothing new if you see the market in red. There could be any reason for this like a new listing of the coin, listing on a new exchange, blockchai

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