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Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner Photography

Coralie aka Mrsroadrunner Photography
Coralie aka mrsroadrunner is a wildlife nature photographer from Oregon. Very unique , hard to find wildlife and nature photography
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The Robin Fledgling That Left The Nest
One thing to be sure of, we have several fledglings here every year! This year of course is no different. This is a American Robin fledgling. Due to not disturbing the homes of the wildlife who live

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Tip Toed Into The World Of Mobile Devices
I jumped into the world of mobile devices! Ok ok don't pass out if you know me haha!   Because of this mobile device popularity and many folks seam to come to my websites on their mobile device......

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Colorful Hummingbird
I heard a bird singing outside my door that I could not identify as quickly as some other visitors we get here at home on the High Desert of Oregon. I grabbed my camera and went to the door and starte

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Lesser Goldfinch Family
This is a small family of the Lesser Goldfinch family of birds who spent time with us here at home.   Two are fledglings while one looks to me like their female, plus they made no attempts at hiding t

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sphinx moth hawk moth or hummingbird moth
Meet the Sphinx Moth or if you prefer the Hawk Moth or as I call it the "Hummingbird Moth", wrong or not that is just what I call it. This is just one of 1,450 species and this is the species that ten

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Bald Eagle In Oregon
Bald Eagles are seen in our part of Oregon quite a lot! This one just happened to be at one of my spots to photograph the birds of prey. This Eagle is wild and exhibits many of the same characteristic

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Cultus Lake Oregon
This is Cultus Lake Oregon which is part of the Cascade Mountains. It is on the Cascade Lakes Hwy. We tend to choose to go to such places when the visitors have all gone home. If we did not you would

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Comma Butterfly Of Oregon
I have my spots I stop at up in the Cascade Mountains, well most places I have my set spots I have had history of photographing the wildlife. This spot tends to have species of butterflies stop to get

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Kwoneksamach Lost Lake Lava Tube Drain
As the name implies, "Unknown lava tube drain", of Lost Lake. Another natural phenomenon here in my state of Oregon! The Cascade Mountains have many secretes it just does not like to tell , this is on

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Buffalo In Oregon
Some folks keep horses, others keep buffalo The leader of this pack determined by the quick observation I had was the one who was caught rolling around in images 8-9-10. What that one said went! This

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