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Lesbian Rapper YOUNG MA Caught On Video . . . Wearing A STR*P ON!!!
Rapper Young MA loves the ladies, and she loves showing off her masculine image. Well yesterday a video of the female rapper was leaked - showing her wearing a MALE APPENDAGE. And it was a BIG ONE TOO
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Faith Evans And Stevie J . . . Just Got MARRIED!!!
Faith Evans and Steve J are married, MTO News has confirmed. The couple eloped last night in Las Vegas - in front of a small group of family and friends. The marriage comes as a huge surprise to every
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nuqneH? yIjatlh! You can now learn Klingon with Duolingo
If you’re a real Star Wars Star Trek fan, chances are you’ve always dreamt of learning Klingon. It’s one of the most lovely and melodic tongues in the pantheon of fake languages, after all. Well, here
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Sierra Leone just ran the first blockchain-based election
The citizens of Sierra Leone went to the polls on March 7 but this time something was different: the country recorded votes at 70% of the polling to the blockchain using a technology that is the first
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Why Steve Kerr looks at Klay Thompsons injury as a positive
OAKLAND — Warriors coach Steve Kerr did not mince any words when he measured the severity of Klay Thompson's fractured right thumb. “We're probably looking at a couple weeks,” Kerr said. The Warriors
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Its not often you see koalas swim, so heres one paddling across a river
More famed for their ability to sit in a tree and eat eucalyptus leaves all day, koalas don't strike as the type to be able to swim that far. Well, you thought wrong. Take this video uploaded onto
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Stephen Curry practices his golf swing indoors, and his hotel room will never be the same
Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry made a big mess of his hotel room the other day while practicing his golf swing. There's not a lot of details about the incident that proceeded this Instagram
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Donovan Mitchell wins 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, which is basically a costume party with some dunks mixed in
Utah Jazz rookie guard Donovan Mitchell put his elite bounce on display — again — to win the 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday night at Staples Center. The contest-winning jam came with Mitchell
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Kobe Bryant Reveals First Time He Got Into Fight With Shaquille ONeal
Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal feuded during their time championship-winning tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers, eventually ending in O'Neal being traded to the Miami Heat after the 2004 NBA Finals.
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LaMarcus Aldridges 3-Word Response That Sounds Off Alarm On Kawhi Leonards Future
The San Antonio Spurs' franchise man, or hand, in forward Kawhi Leonard has only played nine games this season due to an ankle and quadriceps injury. He was listed as “out indefinitely” last January 1
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