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Fear And You

Fear And You
we publish mostly about different haunted places in India - With detail. We also publish scary stories,paranormal facts and true ghost confessions.
Listed under Spirituality by Arnav_choudhary
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Top 3 Most Haunted Places in Bhopal
Bhopal is the capital city of the Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal is the city known for its ancient architectures and a variety of tourist places. Rather than hosting many pleasant sites, the city offers few t

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3 Most Haunted Places in Darbhanga, Bihar
Darbhanga city has a very important place in Bihar in all aspects. Be it from the point of tourist attraction or, economic importance or be it cultural values and old tales interrelated to different p

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Haunted Places in Assam that are Super Creepy
Assam is a place famous for natural beauty and cleanliness. It hosts many a tourist places and is known for the variety of natural attractions it hold. But beyond the sky high mountains and waterfalls

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Khanderao Fort- Unleash The Most Haunted Place in Madhya Pradesh
There exists a dilapidated Fort in Shivapuri that is known among the most haunted places in Madhya Pradesh. Once upon a time, this historical construction used to be very lively one. But now, people c

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A Dark Halloween Night Horrible Tale
It was a dark Night. Darkness allured all the negative creatures lurking around. It could afraid the bravest but not him, the lonely man who was on his way back to home after working a long 8 hours ca

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True Ghost Experience- Story of a Possessed Woman
My grandfather once had a very strange experience. This happened in the 1960s in rural India. 
My grandparents lived in a small village in a house made of mud and bricks. Across their front door was an

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Gaurav Tiwari's Death under mysterious Circumstances- Possession or Science?
Recently, we have got the shocking news of Gaurav Tiwari's death. Mr. Tiwari was a prominent paranormal researcher and also, the founder of Indian paranormal society. His death has put forward a never

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The Reality Check- Creepy Ghost Experience during Movie
I dont believe in ghosts or the supernatural. I want to believe. But I just havent experienced anything unexplained. That was until August 2015.
It was a Friday evening, and Typhoon Soudelor was predic

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A night In The Haunted Morgan House- Creepy Confession
This happened many years ago, and reading some of the answers on this thread I realised very less people actually report apparitions and sights that you can swear were there right in front of you yet

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Creepy Incidents Living In a Haunted Military Base in India
I live at a Military Base in India where we handle incoming of electricity and water plus its distribution to entire base. From past 23 month every day something is going wrong and someone is getting

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