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Ballantine Corp. is a family-run, full-service direct mail marketing company. The company has 44 years of experience with technical know-how to offer creative printing, mailing and digital marketing solutions. A strong, family-business work ethic ensures projects are completed to each client's satisfaction. Ballantine Corp. was founded in 1966 and offered pre-press and print production services for the first 24 years. In 1990, the company started offering mailing services. By 2000, they also provided creative services. In 2006, Ballantine Corp. began offering one-to-one marketing solutions such as personalized URLs and variable data printing. Ballantine continues to keep pace with the evolving business and technology environment of this century.
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7 Ways to Beat The Bin With Direct Mail
Lets face the facts: a large portion of the direct mail we send out ends up in the trash. Either it didnt catch the eye of the intended recipient or a family member deemed it junk mail. Either way, th
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Building Strong Brands for Boring B2B Products
Pipe joints. Printer paper. Wires. While not the most exciting products, they are crucial, often repeat, purchases for companies. But just because your product seems boring on its face, a brand can he
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The History of Direct Mail Marketing
Here’s some light reading, but interesting nevertheless. If there are parts we left out, but should have included, please contribute in the comments section. For most of us, there was never a time whe
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Integrating Copy and Design: The Sum is Greater Than The Parts
Creative teams work in pairs, and behind every great ad is a strong copy and art direction team. Effective ads must combine great visuals with compelling copy. In this article, well help you understan
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Showrooming The Brick and Mortar Dilemma
Today’s blog post is a bit different than most of our typical direct marketing articles. From time to time, we like to inject our blog with unique business or marketing related content to keep things
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How Furniture Today Boosted Direct Mail Response by 500%
We have a direct mail case study to share with you that features our B2B client, Furniture Today. Last year, direct mail wasnt working for them. And then this year, they tested new creative and lists
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4 Ways To Capture More Leads For Email Marketing
One of the key strategies for business and marketing success is to keep your customers in the loop or draw them in with exclusive offers via email. To grow your business online, having a list of leads
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Boosting Direct Mail Response Using Personalized URLs
We’ve all heard the story: Customers won’t entertain any advertisements that don’t pop up on their smart phones. Direct mail is dead. Publishing is over. Finished. Done. Fortunately for us all, that s
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Understanding Direct Mails Role in Integrated Marketing Communications
Direct mail plays an important role in your marketing campaign because it acts to supplement your other efforts cheaply and effectively. Its rarely used on its own as the sole way to market a product
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Pictures from National Sports Forum 2014
We recently got back from the National Sports Forum in Dallas, TX. We thought we were escaping the brutal New Jersey winter, but the 2 days we were there were abnormally cold. But that’s OK – 30 degre
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