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Ballantine Corp. is a family-run, full-service direct mail marketing company. The company has 44 years of experience with technical know-how to offer creative printing, mailing and digital marketing solutions. A strong, family-business work ethic ensures projects are completed to each client's satisfaction. Ballantine Corp. was founded in 1966 and offered pre-press and print production services for the first 24 years. In 1990, the company started offering mailing services. By 2000, they also provided creative services. In 2006, Ballantine Corp. began offering one-to-one marketing solutions such as personalized URLs and variable data printing. Ballantine continues to keep pace with the evolving business and technology environment of this century.
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3 Reasons That You Need to Know the Importance of a Customer Mailing List
An accurate mailing list of current customers could be a goldmine for your company’s marketing department. Mailing lists provide leads for sales, focus groups for testing new products, and consumers t
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6 Creative Freebies to Include in Direct Mail Pieces [Infographic]
These days, executing a successful direct mail campaign takes some serious brainstorming and creativity. You want your prospective customers to not just see your direct mail pieces, but to open them a
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Millennials and Direct Mail: Why They Love It
As the ultimate digital natives, Millennials can only be reached through social media marketing, right? Not at all. A growing body of research suggests that this generation actually appreciates direct
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Build It Up: Digital Marketing and Brand Awareness
There’s no denying the importance of establishing strong brand awareness, regardless of the industry in which your business operates. And with so many people using different facets of the web to infor
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Understanding the Marketing Rule of 7
Seven times. That’s how many times, on average, a prospective customer or client needs to be exposed to your brand offer before they’ll really start to take notice (and, hopefully, take action). Why i
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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Manufacturers
In the world of manufacturing, having a sound digital marketing strategy is just as important as it is in any other industry. Specifically, successful digital marketing for manufacturing industry allo
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3 Tips For Media Buyers to Avoid Ad Fraud
According to Emarketer, brands will spend more than $46 billion in programmatic advertising in the United States in 2018. Within just two years, they also estimate that 86.2 percent of all the ads dis
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The Differences Between RGB, CMYK & Pantone® Colors [Infographic]
Never underestimate the power of color in marketing. Brightly colored print materials can make the difference between a sale and just another lead. Colors play a key role in branding, allowing you to
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3 Awesome Insights on the Psychology of Social Media Sharing
Social media marketing is here to stay. More than 50 million small businesses use Facebook for their advertising, while millions more rely on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms. If you
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3 On-Page Optimization Wins for Better SEO
Do you have a sound SEO strategy for your website? If not, then there’s a good chance your site’s SEO rankings are suffering. And unfortunately, when your site doesn’t rank within the first page of th
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