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THE ALPS - Europes Major Mountain Chain
articlemostwanted - THE ALPS ARE Europes major mountain chain, occupying center stage between the cultural and geographic regions of western, eastern, southern, and northern Europe. Stretching in an a
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BLACK SUN Symbol - When the World Going Wrong
articlemostwanted - The notion of the Sun being black runs completely counter to what is generally accepted about it; the simplest explanation for a Black Sun is that it describes what happens at nigh
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Vision - The One Who Fights His Creator - Voltron
articlemostwanted - Assembled at the instruction of Ultron, the Vision is an android who imitates virtually every natural function of a person, all aspects of human being including independent thought
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HYPATIA - A Beautiful Female Philosopher
(b. c. 370, Alexandria, Egyptd. March 415, Alexandria)articlemostwanted - The Egyptian Neo-Platonist philosopher Hypatia was also the first notable woman in the field of mathematics.The daughter of T
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Rosemary - Topical Antioxidant and Many Benefits
Rosmarinus officinalis
Native to sunny Mediterranean shores, rosemary is an evergreen member of the mint family. Its genus name, Rosmarinus, means dew of the sea in Latin, a reference to the plants co

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Living Bone - Human Body Part Series
articlemostwanted - Their outer surface may be hard and dry but that doesn't mean your bones aren't alive. Bones are always growing and repairing themselves.Whats inside our bones?Bone accounts for on
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Alluvium - The Sediment Deposited by Rivers
articlemostwanted - THE SEDIMENT DEPOSITED by rivers is called alluvium. The name derives from the Latin word alluvius, meaning washed up. Alluvium comprises clay, silt and sand (in some definitions g
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BECKONING CAT - Atract New Customers
articlemostwanted - A friendly little statuette with a warm welcome found all over Japan and China. What the cat is doing with his paws carries a secret message.
The cute little Maneki Neko or beckon

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She-Hulk - the Worlds Only Green-Skinned Lawyer
articlemostwanted - Jennifer Walters spent the summers of her childhood with her first cousin Bruce Banner, and the two became as close as brother and sister. The bookish Bruce and equally academic an
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The 159 Things That Bacon Makes Better
articlemostwanted - Bacon has left its stamp on the many people who have indulged in the salty animal flesh. It has defeated all challengers. It turned away Sizzlelean and smote its most recent oppone
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