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What The Place ?

What The Place ?
Come to the most visited and travel the beauty and wonderful place, culture, nature in Indonesia
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Prambanan Temple
Prambanan 12
The high structures are typical of Hindu architecture, and the plan of the temple complex is a Mandala, as is Borobudur.
As a symbol of the Hindu cosmos, the temple or candi is vertically into

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Talise beach, palu
talise beach at night
Talise beach stretches on Jl. Rajamoili and Jl. Cut Mutia Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Talise beach is one of mainstay attractions the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi. The be

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Gili Island, Lombok
Unique Tropical Escape! The perfect three coral islands - Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan, fringed with white sand beach and swaying plam trees, lay in the spa

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Kuta beach, lombok
Indonesia boasts some of the most magnificent scenery in the world and the south coast Lombok rates as being among the best. South Lombok ha

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Manado Tua Island
Manado Tua--or Old Manado--island, together with the islands of Bunaken, Siladen, Mantehage and Nain form the Bunaken-Manado Tua Marine National Park. The Park lies just off shore from the city of Man

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Nambo Beach, Kendari
Perched on the east coast of Southeast Sulawesi, Kendari, the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi Province is blessed with a number of beautiful beaches. One of these is Nambo Beach: A lovely relaxing

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Kuta Beach, Bali
Once a sleepy village with a quiet, beautiful sweep of beach, Kuta today has become a popular beach destination in its own right, alive with tourists from all over the world, swimming, surfing or sunb

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Ijen Crater/Plateu (Blue Fire), Banyuwangi
Ijen Crater is the biggest crater lake in Java. The sulfur crater lake lies between a natural dams of deeply etched rock. It is 200 meters deep and contains about 36million cubic meters of steaming ac

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Senggigi Beach Lombok
Senggigi is Lombok's oldest and most famous resort area.A perfect place to relax, Senggigi boasts a series of white sandy beaches and safe swimming areas. The point at central Senggigi has good waves
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Medewi Beach Bali
This is a tiny, remote village in one of the least visited areas of Bali. It is very much a surfing hot spot, and most visitors who do stay here stay for that reason alone. For non-surfers,

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