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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine
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Facial Fractures
BackgroundFacial fractures occur for a variety of reasons related to sports participation: contact between players (eg, a head, fist, elbow); contact with equipment (eg, balls, pucks, handlebars); or
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Athletic Foot Injuries
BackgroundAthletic foot injuries can be difficult to properly diagnose and treat. Bearing the weight of the entire body, the foot is under tremendous stress. In many sports, the foot absorbs tremendou
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Calcaneofibular Ligament Injury
BackgroundAnkle injuries are among the most common injuries that present to physician offices and emergency departments (EDs) because the ankle is the most frequently injured joint in the body.[1, 2,
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Femoral Neck Fracture
BackgroundThe number of individuals participating in athletic activities is continually increasing, whether these individuals are highly competitive athletes or weekend sports enthusiasts.[1, 2] Stres
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Groin Injury
Introduction and FrequencyGroin injuries are commonly encountered by physicians and clinicians who treat athletes of all ages at all levels of competition. Groin injuries are particularly common in ac
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BackgroundMuscle contusion indicates a direct, blunt, compressive force to a muscle. Contusions are one of the most common sports-related injuries.[1, 2, 3] The severity of contusions ranges from simp
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Exercise Physiology
OverviewExercise represents one the highest levels of extreme stresses to which the body can be exposed. For example, in a person who has an extremely high fever approaching the level of lethality, th
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Sports Physicals
OverviewNeed and costIn the US alone, millions of athletes undergo preparticipation evaluations, and millions of healthcare hours are spent on performing these evaluations each year. Because the yield
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Exercise-Induced Asthma
Practice EssentialsExercise-induced asthma is a condition of respiratory difficulty (bronchoconstriction) that is related to histamine release,[1, 2, 3] is triggered by aerobic exercise, and lasts sev
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Knee Osteochondritis Dissecans
BackgroundOsteochondritis dissecans (OCD), by definition, is a disorder of one or more ossification centers, characterized by sequential degeneration or aseptic necrosis and recalcification. OCD lesio
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