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Origena Sees the worlds

Origena Sees the worlds
Origena talks like a cookie fortune. No favoritism, she's randomly writing about life, gadget, film, music, food, design or anything, pretending to be the wise girl who feels in charge to review something
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Bear with Me
Bear with me cause I've been slacking off here :) Bear is with me, cause for the first time I'm joining Caardvarks challenge, and I'm using clear stamp of the cute little bear with little bird that
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Safe Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting
I often think that the act of cleaning something a lot of times may end up soiling something else.  Take the case of washing our plates, cooking utensils, etc., have you ever wondered what's insid
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In Love with Lemon
It has become my habit to start my morning with a glass of warm lemon water in the last five month. I've read the benefit of drinking the mix of lemon and warm water since couple of years ago, but ha
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A Homey Movie time with Popcorn
Every time I go to the cinema, there is this one distinct scent that is always there to welcome me, the moment I set foot in the lobby. I'm sure everyone else is also aware of that scent. The movie b
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Thank You Jesus
Oh hi Marzo.... soon you will leave in some hours So I won't let you away without a trace here. Here's your mark! Oh, I should use this occasion to thanking Jesus too for saving my Mom's life.
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Tips on Present and Party
This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine. Now lets talk about gift ideas, cause Christmas is the season of giving, right? There are hubby, wi

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How Warm is you Christmas?
Christmas is coming..Christmas is coming..and so is.......the winter season in some parts of the World. I read that the winter weather blasts Europe with its snow and bitter cold temperature. Austra
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Just Us being Nosy On one Afternoon
One of things that sometimes I do with my old friends when we meet, and when one of us brings a lappie is to check our other friends' current lives through facebook. We're so nosy, I admit that unasha
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Here comes Mrs. Santa Clause...are you naughty or nice?
Here's another confession, and I hope it won't upset many people :)) I don't like Santa Claus. He's stolen Christmas day from the Holy Baby, Jesus :)) But yes, it's easier to draw Santa Claus'
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Marine-Themed Creations From Galleon
Titanic, Finding Nemo, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Captain Jack Sparow, Pirates of Caribbean, Jaws, and Dolphin Tale are some of movies or characters in movies with a marine theme. Many movies take
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