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Techno Life

Techno Life
We all need technology
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Innovation In The Gaming Realm
Are you Computer technologists ? Or do you want to be them? If so, you must know your duty as a computer technologists , that is to make approaches to offer interesting websites and mobile apps for
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Samsung SMART TV Technology Pioneer
Samsung Electronics seeks to enhance the future of television technology. Samsung SMART TV has now adopted its latest LED technology. We as users would benefit. The latest variant Samsung SMART TV is
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Ultrabook Still The Best Product of Intel
The annual event of Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2012 return so a variety of technologies Intel puts their future. The event was held in San Francisco, America.Chief Product Officer of Intel said the
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The End Of PC Era
Some sources says that the era of the personal computer (PC) will end soon . They call it as "Post-PC era." The trend of technology shows this symptom. Even it is predicted the further trends
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European Union Versus Google
Data collection was conducted by Google got criticism from the European Union. As we know, since last March , Google collect and combine data from multiple internet sites such as YouTube and GMail. T
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Two Patents Designs Tablet of Nokia
Public is not sure about the tablet device made by Nokia, but the Finnish phone manufacturer has reportedly patented a two tablet design. In his statement, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop implies about the
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Battle of Google Vs Apple
In the next year, the competition Apple with its iOS and Google with its Android will increasingly heated. Google will add 1 billion smartphones and tablets based on Android, to beat Apple in that com
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The Schedule Change of Apple Mini iPad
Theres a change on previously scheduled to be present on October 17, Apple Mini iPad is now will be introduced on October 23, 2012. Is there anything wrong, with this delay? Apple will send out invi
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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III Mini
Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III made now has a little "brother," which was named the Galaxy S III Mini. This younger brother introduced in Germany on Thursday (10/11/2012). There are significant dif
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in America
Finally Samsung feel relieved, because they can be re-market their best tablet in America. Court of the United States issued a court lifted a ban on sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S.. "We are s
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