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A Secret Cause of Cancer
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'One of the great challenges in medicine is to understand the complexity of causes that lead to cancer. There is a great secret to life, health and disease, one that is li
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Healing leukemia & brain cancer with veggies
Earnie Powell Jr
Photo Credit: Chris Beat Cancer'How it started:I was sent to the cancer specialist by my neurologist as he had to check my blood levels every 6 months because I was taking Dilantin to control seizures
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The 9 Foods You Should Never Eat
Photo Credit:fourwinds10By Dr. Mercola 'Many foods have been heavily promoted as being healthy when they are nothing more than pernicious junk foods. In the featured article, Clean Plates1 founder Ja
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Ninety percent of U.S. tobacco is GMO; hey smokers, you're smoking pesticide!
GMO tobacco means that scientists in labs are injecting or infusing the genes of bacteria from the DNA of other living things into the seeds of the tobacco plant. GMO tobacco also means that pesticide
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For Most Foods, The Faster It Spoils, The Healthier It Is - The Toxic Preservation of Food Is Killing Us
The food industry has created an era of convenience for consumers through packaged, preserved, emulsified, pasteurized, sterilized, irradiated and chemically altered foods. It's not an exact science,
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Biotech industry produced GMOs block detoxification pathways
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are a newer technology that has spread throughout the modern world in a short time with little research of long-term efficacy.Im against the theory of the multi
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Free at last from years of dieting entanglements!
Photo Credit: lovelivegrow'I met Ronna a year ago last month at Dr. Fuhrmans Health Immersion for Whole Foods Market team members. She wasnt significantly overweight at the time but knew she was not i
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Your Coffee Has Ground Up Bugs In It Credit: Food Renegade'Ill never forget the day I heard an NPR interview with entomologist Dr. Douglas Emlen about dung beetles. I normally would have tuned such stories out, but this one turned
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Corporate Medical Malpractice and Stolen Body Parts - Three Decades on and Parents are Still Fighting for Justice
Photo Credit: Natural News'Helenor Bye was just twelve years old when she was experimented on and killed in a drugs trial being carried out in Wales in 1977. In a bid to cover up the truth, the hospi
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CT Scans Cause Radiation-Induced Cancer
Photo'Radiation-induced cancers have tripled in the last two decades and diagnostic imaging has been already been admitted as a cause by the U.S. government. According to a study of se
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