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facebook photocomments

facebook photocomments
Here you can find a facebook photo comments . Sinhala , english.. etc.
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Funny Photo Comments Collection (28)
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i dont understand
i forgot to laugh
butt man
oh boy..
are you sure?
cant take it
deal with it
i got this
shut up and take my like

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Funny picture comments for Facebook
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i know what you mean
son of bitch
thank you so much
thank you
get lost

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Facebook Funny Photo Comments
Facebook Funny Photo Comments (click on the picture before save/download)
chil dude
i cant hear you...
take it easy man
truth has been spoken!

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Hindi photo comments (facebook) #2
Hindi photo comments - for facebook (click on the picture before save/download)
beta! mujhse bhi purana hai
chup ho ja kamine!!
daya,kuch toh gardbad hai
beta tumhe,sharam nahi aati
bus bh

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Picture Comments For Facebook
Facebook photo comments (click before save/download)
hat's off to you
ohh.. what?
don't look
liked it
hahahh.. lol
don't give a shit!
true srory

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Facebook picture comments (Lol) [sinhala]
Facebook photo comments        (click before download)
lole lol
kawrun kawdaa...
hari shook..
mata wada lassanaine oya 
ammoo mu kiyana boru 
mu baya hithena pinthurayak dala

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Facebook Photo comments :p
Facebook Photo comments (Download - right click on the picture and save them)

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