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10 Odd Games
01. Buzkashi
Buzkashi is the Afghan national sport. It is also a popular sport among the south Central Asians such as the Uzbeks, Hazaras, Tajiks, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Turkmens and Pashtuns. The Turkic nam

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Top 10 Beautiful Palaces Around the World
The word PALACE is derived from the Latin name Palatium, for Palatine Hill, one of the seven hills in Rome. A palace is a grand residence, especially a royal residence or the home of a head of state o

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Buddha Statue in Leshan
 The Leshan Giant Buddha (simplified Chinese: Lsha-n Df) was built during the Tang Dynasty (618907AD). It is carved out of a cliff face that lies at the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi

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Tower Design of English Project
The English held a contest to design Londons wacky rip-off of the Eiffel Tower  Inspired by the financial success of the Eiffel Tower which was erected in Paris for the 1889 World's Fair a group of

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Top 10 Famous Sea Stacks From Around the World
A stack or sea stack is a rock formation made up of a steep or upright column or columns of rock in the sea near a coast. They are formed when part of a headland is eroded by water crashing against th

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11 Continuously Inhabited Oldest Cities in the World
Ever since man learned to grow their own food and rear cattle, they have been living in permanent to semi-permanent settlements with certain degree of planning. Although opinions vary on whether any p

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Tanusree Dutta Latest Glamorous Photoshoot
Tanusree Dutta Latest Glamorous Photoshoot  08 more images after the break...

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The Great Wall of China Meets the Sea
The end of the Great Wall of China. Photo Link 
 Old Dragons Head - Where The Great Wall of China Meets the Sea The Great Wall of China is one of the most amazing piece of architecture and the most am

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Iran in 1960s
When the people of the West today hear the word "Iran", they come to mind veiled women, burning American flags and angry crowd shouted nationalist slogans. But those who kept the memories of Tehran, 1

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Vanessa Hudgens with her Sister
From 8 years old Vanessa Hudgens participated in musical theater as a singer, a high school program was held on home schooling. There is Vanessa Hudgens participated in the filming of various TV shows

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