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Design Trends
Design Trends
Listed under Arts & Entertainment by Designtrnnn31
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Digital art by PSHoudini
Iara the Amazon River Queen Digital Art by the Brazilian artist PSHoudini. PSHoudini utilised Photoshop to produce his operate. Adore and PSD file dreams can come accurate and psd
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Notion Art by Jimmy Xu
June Calendar Notion Art of living Canada artist Jimmy Xu of science and magic Total Carnage The Crisis Core The Baroness stand in the way Menos Hogyoku
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Painting by Gary Benfield
by Gary Benfield. Born in Birmingham, England, in 1965 Benfield studied art at Sturbridge University of Art and sat at the prestigious Wrexham College of Art. Soon after leaving the academic planet
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Concept Art by Jason Engle
Angelus hoping Concept Art of the American artist Jason Engle. Born in Southern California in 1979, Jason in no way at a large university or art college, and he constantly identified the greate
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Landscape photography by Tobias Richter
Spectacular scenery photograph of Tobias Richter, landscape photographer from Sachsen, Germany. Tobias utilizes a Canon digital SLR camera with a sensor 21 megapixel full frame and a camera tripo
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Digital art by Vampire Kingdom
Devilish Digital art by Argentine artists living Vampire Kingdom afraid  The grave The swamp The Pact Take it with each other forever Sweet Poison  Let me
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Black and White Photography by Nathan Wirth
Remarkable Black and White Photography San Franciscan primarily based self-taught photographer Nathan Wirth. Nathan utilized a variety of tactics- including lengthy-term exposure and infrared, brin
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Stunning photograph of 20 photographers
Anastasia Volkova 1. Anastasia Volkova Stunning photograph of 20 photographers in Cuded. Anastasia Volkova 2. Nick Selway and CJ Kale Nick Selway and CJ Kale three. Cassoday Harder Cassoday harder 4 Metin Demiralay  Metin Demiralay 5. Vanessa Ho Vanessa Ho  Vanessa Ho six. Christian
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Zombie Illustrations by Jeremy Packer
Zombie Illustrations of Elkhart, IN, USA-based artist Jeremy Packer. Zombie Yeti Studios is the alter ego of designer Jeremy A. Packer. Born and raised in the cornfields of northern Indiana, Zombie
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Tattoo Photography by Brian Cummings
Brian Cummings is a industrial photographer and director, identified for distinctive conceptual pictures and ideas. His interest in satire and narrative influenced his operate behind the camera. A
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