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Decoring Home

Decoring Home
Decoring Home
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A must have vase
I’m in love with the Boblen  vase my new  neighbour gave me. Although we do not know each other well, she could not have chosen a more fitting gift.  I always have some version of fresh greenery or fl
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Design Solutions: A bed between two windows
Work is keeping me quite busy over the last several weeks and blogging always drops off when this happens.  I’m beginning a series of posts called Design Solutions that will  address common design iss
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Designing Home
  Choosing the right piece of art for you entry can set a welcoming scene for your home.   When I have the option, I always choose art first and then build a room around it  rather than buy art to mat
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Decor refresh for spring
New growth always brings with it hope and energy for life.  Once the snow goes I always get a hankering to make changes inside my home.  Now don’t get me wrong, these aren’t major changes.  I’m more i
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Thrifty decor: Bring on the green
Do you like a little nature inside your home? Do you love to find something that looks good and costs little or nothing? Do you like quick  pops of texture and colour ? ferns, sea urchins, pottery, beach decor, summer house Barnacle vessel by Anita
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Are you a seasonal decorator?
 All those pictures on Pinterest  over the last several weeks make me wonder to what degree the “average” person goes to celebrate changing seasons, holidays, etc.  I feel like I am letting my profess
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6 effective uses for valances
A client recently asked me if valances were outdated.  Of course the answer is never yes or no in decor;   it’s usually “that depends”.  When it comes to window treatments for 2013 the key works are 
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Make mine bleached
I have a love affair with wood, but I don’t like the golden wood tones that come along with wood that is clear coated or lightly stained. Do I have lots of golden  wood tones in my home? 
 Yes, hi
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5 Ways to add interest to a dining room
When someone says dining room, what picture appears in your mind?  Try  it.  List the elements. For many of us these words conjure up a dining room set with everything matching, a chandelier and some
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Kitchen cabinet colour trends
My choice for kitchen cabinets has always been white because I just don’t like living with dark colours or too much wood grain. I liked white before it became popular; I fought the natural oak trend w
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