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Decoring Home

Decoring Home
Decoring Home
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Accenting with wood
  There are so many ways you can make your space inviting .  My recommendation today is to  consider wood because it can add both warmth and architectural interest to any space.  Choose a little or a
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8 Ways to fill empty corners
The four corners of a room are often a no man’s land when it comes to design.  I am not saying that you have to fill up every corner with something, but I am advocating thinking about your space to de
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10 simple accent trees for Christmas
.  There is definitely a “simpler Christmas” trend in the last several years. Simple is good and clean and when you add green to the mix you have the perfect Christmas accent, a small/miniature tree. 
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Designing an inviting home
Have you ever gone into someone’s home  and it was so perfect in every way that you were almost afraid to sit down or move? When everything looks new, co-ordinated and just so, you end up with an unwe
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Not your average colour scheme
Some colour schemes are a dime a dozen and others are just daring and interesting. Today I’m looking at salmon/coral/melon and pink/rose/magenta. Now I’m not saying I would use these colours in my own
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Seaside DIY lamps
 My summer house is casual, softer edged and more DIY than my town home. Its decor  reflects its location and   our budget  restrictions for a second home.   About 75 % of the furniture  is built or a
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Finding your decor style
Have you ever looked for similarities in rooms you are attracted to in magazines or online? That’s one of the best ways to determine what you like for your own decor.  If you don’t know where to start
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Reclaimed wood works
 Old is good. What is old can be new again with a little ingenuity, and I don’t mind admitting that the art side of my brain has lots of that.   I think reclaimed wood  is beautiful, and this summer I
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Design Love: Kubus
One of my favourite Scandinavian designers is Danish architect Mogens Lassen (1901-1987).  I am now the proud owner of one of his designs – Kubus 4.  Thank you family; I’ve had a love affair with this
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2013 decor trends with staying power
Here are predictions for 2013 that should  have some staying power….. Geometric patterning Really, geometric patterning has never  gone out of style; it has periods of resurgence and 2012-13 seems to
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