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Decoring Home

Decoring Home
Decoring Home
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10 reasons to love Olive Green for 2015
Many shades of olive green 
You may have lived through the avocado phase many years ago, but don’t nix olive green automatically because of that.  I am talking about a new updated olive gre
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Does burlap work in contemporary decor?
Ideas for using burlap in crafty, country decor have taken over my Pinterest feed lately.  My own decor is a mix of contemporary and mid-century modern with a generous application of contemporary art.
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Lessons learned
Vivid greens are subtly moving into golds and oranges and there’s a bite in the air even on sunny days.  My mind is  moving on to what I want to do to herald the  fall season.   I never go all out in
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Are you a design rebel?
What’s your first instinct if someone tells says you shouldn’t do something? Do you automatically want to do it?  I do!   Most people would agree that there are rules/guidelines in interio
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5 things I learned this summer
I should make huge apologies for stalling my blogging over the last couple of months, but I have a letter from … the artist.  I spent most of June, July and August at my summer house without acces
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Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
I love repetition as a statement and it is a powerful vehicle for impact  in art and design.  As you get ready for the coming season perhaps  you would like some inspiration. These images illustrate s
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Is there beauty in imperfection?
I find beauty in imperfection and impermanence.  It’s all over my art. 
 The petal that is captured as it starts to decay, 
the rusted objects found in debris, the peeling layers of wallpap

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Simple window treatments for basement windows
Basement windows are often a  challenge to decorate because they are usually small,  spaced, and high on the wall – a recipe for  decorating disaster.   This post provides solutions for these problem
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Those Canadian Bloggers
The finalists in each category for the Made in Blog (MiB)  Best Canadian Blog awards  as determined by reader voting have been announced.  
This is the first year I participated in the  awards

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Dining room solutions
In January during a blackout our pipes broke resulting in water damage to a number of rooms in our home. What was a bit of a disaster turned into a positive for me because it finally got me moving to
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