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Decoring Home

Decoring Home
Decoring Home
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Embrace space
 I had a refreshing conversation with a client/friend recently about  reordering  and supplementing her space to make it more peaceful and inviting. It brought me back to  what  I  feel is important,
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Re-working the egg
I couldn’t resist carrying on the egg theme from my last post.    How about some of these cosy re-workings of the basic egg shape for furniture with a difference ?
 It’s a sofa with egg

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A little red year round
Red  is a great accent colour anytime, but it seems to be even more inviting at Christmas.  All it takes is the merest hint to bring a room to life. It can be used in small accessories, window treatme
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May I suggest aqua?
Although I am interested in the latest colour trends in home decor, I am not a slave to them.  I choose gray as the neutral in my house in 1986 and it wasn’t a  growing trend until 2011!  It will stil
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Are decor trends important?
I am interested in following the latest  trends in interior design.   I need to know these things to have relevant discussions with clients and to understand where the industry is headed.  Many  trend
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Small details, big impact
There are so many ways to create impact in a space.  Sometimes impact is created by  subtle additions of  colour, textures, or forms  or features can be in your face – bold.  I tend to sit in the subt
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Too much of a good thing
The big question Have you ever had to call a halt to buying yet another object  that you love?  When does just enough become too much? I had to confront both questions this week whil
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Adding greenery to contemporary decor
After a dreary northern winter I begin to long for a spot of green in my decor.   I’ve even given my blog a new green look.  Last spring I wrote about my lucky bamboo,  my default plant that resulted
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Wrap it up
Trying to be earth friendly is an ongoing battle especially at Christmas.   I hate the fact that all the pretty gift wrap ends up in the landfill because  it isn’t recyclable.  paper gift  bags work f
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Blogger App
Yes, there is an App for Blogger and here I am trying it out.  In the past I’ve wanted to compose posts on my I Pad when I was travelling and couldn’t.  Last week I saw an ad and decided to give it a
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