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Decoring Home

Decoring Home
Decoring Home
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A nature inspired Christmas
Wooh!  I am overwhelmed with all those over the top Christmas home tours popping up on Pinterest and blogs.  Is it me or have people gone totally overboard  with Christmas decorating? The practical in
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Feeling flowers
Do  you agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson that the earth laughs in flowers? I do.  Flowers are such an integral part of my existence; I could not imagine a world without them.  There are certain times
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Celebrate ordinary things
 It is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money to accessorize your home.  Much of what you need is probably in another room or in the natural environment. Garage sales, thrift stores etc. can  al
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How does your garden grow?
Gardens have always beckoned me since I was a girl.  I love the colours, lushness, meandering paths and hidden surprises.  I like looking beyond  or through a  garden to the haphazard backdrops and su
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Do you have a problem room?
We all have them, those rooms that defy all you know about design, and just continue to go about their merry way creating problems no matter what you do with them. I managed to create a monster a quar
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Colour Trends: Looking back and looking forward
There’s nothing like the end of a year to make you hop around in your thinking.  While I’m busy considering the colour trends for 2015, I’m  also looking back to see connections and possible threads t
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5 Creative uses for fabric in home decor
One of the major mistakes homeowners make in home decor is ignoring the power of pattern in creating an interesting space. Fabric is an excellent way to introduce pattern into your space and there are
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How to choose drapery hardware
The devil is in the details and simple decisions can lead to big impact both good and bad.  Since there aren’t any  absolutes in decorating, things often  come down to personal preferences.  One of
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The value of objects
Every home is filled with furniture and objects, but they are not valued equally by homeowners. Personal preferences and history play a part in determining individual likes and dislikes in furniture a
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Do you know the rule of three?
Three  is a very popular number in many aspects of life from religion to fairy tales, and it is extremely  popular and important  in all aspects of  design .  When you understand how to
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