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Decoring Home

Decoring Home
Decoring Home
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Accessories: Making it all work
 Decorators get all kinds of requests for services from furniture layout to full home designs. I like the variety of smaller jobs with  the ones that go on forever.  Two of my favourite tasks are reha
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Canadian Designer Spotlight: Brent Comber
Brent Comber   is an  innovative  Canadian furniture maker  who uses local woods to produce a variety of designs.  I first became aware of his work through his Alder series.  He dries and fastens alde
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Just Blush!
 The Oscars are always a spectacle, sometimes inviting, sometimes confusing  or repellant depending on your life view.   I have my issues with them, but that’s not what this post is about. In addition
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My furniture painting secrets
Do you learn the hard way and wish at the end you had checked things out a little more thoroughly?  This  overconfidence gets me in hot water more times than I would like to admit, but learn I do!  I

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Simple ideas for your Thanksgiving table
Fall and Thanksgiving were heralded for the past month on various blogs and Pinterest. How much effort and expense are involved in your seasonal decorations?  My holiday tables always  give a gentle n
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Accessories: A decorators perspective
Part 2 of 5 Accessorizing a client’s home I’m often asked what is the most difficult job I do as a decorator.  Truthfully it is to accessorize a home.  Not because I can’t create beautiful vignette
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Thursday Tip # 11 Art and space
After a long hiatus I am back to Thursday Tips at the request of a reader who liked these short and to the point tips for “small improvements that have big impact”.  For this week my favourite topic –
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Paint solves many problems
You know how it goes with decorating.  You get one thing to a point where you love it and that improvement only makes other things in the space look dismal.  And that is the point where we left off

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The art of a welcoming entry
  Choosing the right piece of art for you entry can set a welcoming scene for your home.   When I have the option, I always choose art first and then build a room around it  rather than buy art to mat
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Design lesson: Giving a large look to a small dining space
Large can have a lot of meanings, but in Newfoundland large often  mean great or good or the best as in ” it’s a large day”.   Given that understanding here’s  a “large” dining room and a closer look
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