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Decoring Home

Decoring Home
Decoring Home
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Is it spring yet?
I don’t know about you, but around this time of year my decor starts to look a little like I feel after a long, cold winter.  Tired and worse for wear.  I had the urge to bring some spring to my house
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6 Options for painting trim
  There are so many decisions to make when you begin decorating a new home or renovating. Something as basic as what colour to paint the trim often causes homeowners hours of deliberation.  How about
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2016 Home decor trend checklist
I can’t believe that December whizzed by without much thought to home decor  blogging.  The holiday season always puts things on hold. I have to make up for that with a good summary of what 2016 holds
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Taming open shelves
 Are your selves like mine?  They start out beautifully arranged and over time bits and pieces of things end up store there, and soon you have a  messy jumble.  If you are someone who can relax in a

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The making of an interior decorator
  What’s your interior design aesthetic?
“What’s that you ask?  Design aesthetic?
Should I have one ?  Perhaps I do! ” 
This is not a question I could have answered in my teenage
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How predictable is your decor?
 Yes, I’ve been Pinteresting too much again. It’s one of the best ways to see what the common trends are in interior design.  I am not talking about the “cutting edge” ones touted as design trends for
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The dish on modern design
Modern style is a clean, streamlined furniture and architecture style that first appeared in the  1930s with roots in the German Bauhaus School of Design and Scandinavian modern design.   The modern
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Feeling red
I’m a firm believer that colour provides us with certain benefits at certain times and  I take note when I find myself attracted to a certain colour.  My past loves have been black, green and purple.
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From snow to eggs
 We are hunkered down for a winter storm with 40 cm. of snow predicted.  Everything is closed so there are no schedules to keep. It’s the kind of day where I have lots of time to let my mind wander wh
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Choosing a drapery colour
Ah, the dreaded question.  What colour draperies should I have? Part of being a decorator is making informed decisions about design.  Keeping current with trends  through reading and viewing is a mus
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