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Decorating Homes

Decorating Homes
Decorating Homes
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Bouli Furniture by Noti
Today we will show you surprising furniture series Bouli by Poland manufacturer Noti. Unconventional, irregular and amorphic forms of Bouli was designed for public spaces. Swaying modules seem to floa
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Phone booth lounger
There are many creations that are so simple in appearance yet so artistic and genuine in make that they strike the eye at the very first instance. This Box Lounger an iconic red telephone-styled couc
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Living Chair by Vladimir Tsesler
Sexy, yet demure; Valdimir Tselers Living Chair was inspired by the human form (female, of course)  long legs delicately crossed for a provocative yet modest aesthetic. The cross-legged form creates
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Vintage TV Turned into Cat Bed
Moderncat reader Melissa found an old 1950s-60s TV literally on the curb in her neighborhood and decided to get creative! She gutted the thing, cleaned it up, and turned it into a stylish cat bed! Thi
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A Hipster Loft!
Looking as though a half crazed artist has just stormed out of this building in a creative frenzy, this hipster loft from B&B Italia is brimming with colorful imagination and eccentric flair.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Home Design by Joaquin Torres
Who doesnt know Cristiano Ronaldo? Mega soccer star who plays for Real Madrid FC is one of the stars who always loved fans around the world. He is a former midfielder of Manchester Uniteds move to Rea

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White House On The Hollywood Hills
Black and white has always been one of the most stylish combinations ever. Nakahouse redesigned by XTEN Architecture in California has dark exterior and white interior. Originally it was built in 1960
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Perfect Bedroom for Teens
 These youth bedrooms are bedroom for teens, shown in various colors and styles of decoration. Almost always the rooms or dormitories for girls and boys have details they like, especially the choice o
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Study Space Inspiration for Teens
Check out these study spaces for teens by PB Teen. We think theyre comfy, age-appropriate, and perfect for quiet study and concentration. The girls study furniture is subtly girly with more white and
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Personalized Kitchens from Logoscoop
There are so many companies now that specialise in kitchen design. The difference with Logoscoop lies in the fact that they dont restrict themselves with what is popular rather they respond to each de
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