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Daily Decor Ideas

Daily Decor Ideas
Daily Decor Ideas
Listed under Home Improvement by Askelrt453
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Vintage Blue and Purple Girls bedroom
Hello friends, happy Monday I hope you had a pleasant weekend. Recently I received a comment from a viewer on a post I did on Vintage Style Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas this viewer was quite interested in

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Red Kitchen Ideas
Hello friends, it’s another day with kitchen ideas and was keeping with the bold colors in the kitchen. Now we’re going to warm it up with some hot spicy red. Who of us would dare to use the color red

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Yellow Kitchen Ideas
Hello friends, summer is fast approaching and this is the time of year when the appreciation for light, bold and beaming colors take over and for me I never mind because it’s the best time of the year

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Before and After-Client's Master Bedroom
Hello friends, it’s time to share another before and after with you. I recently had the chance to help a couple turn their plain master bedroom into one that was warm and not so bare, now I must say i

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Orange Kitchen Ideas
Hello friends, kitchens are the heart of the home in just about anyone’s home but how many of us have the courage to use bold colors in them? Have you ever thought about the color orange in a kitchen?

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Before and After-Clients Bathroom
Hello friends, how are things? Bathrooms have to be one of the most difficult rooms to renovate especially when there is only one in the house. How about you have you ever lived through a bathroom ren

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Girly Girl Vintage Style Bedrooms
Hello friends! How are you doing? I hope you had a lovely weekend. I have a confession to make “I love vintage” yes vintage style, you know era, time and age. Yup “I love it”. I love the entire classi

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Color Crush-Blue and Green Kitchens
Hello lovely friends, every once and a while I have a color crush somewhat of an increasing love for a certain color and (the color turquoise is among my crush today) but I must say I’m feeling a crus

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Before and After-Tricky Walls
Hello friends how are things? Have you ever had an odd shaped space in your home so as to have you going bonkers?  That was the case in a clients home I decorated a few years back. This couple is beau

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Be brutally honest about these lamps.
Remember the post about these lamps?
Well I'm on round 2 of trying to update them and I am failing. 
At first I painted them in Bon Voyage in high gloss and while the color was pretty most of the detail

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