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Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar

Lirik Lagu dan Chord Gitar
informasi terbaru dunia musik dan semua yang bersangkutan dengan musik jadi ngapain lu harus bingung gabung aja di sini sob
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Confident (feat. Chance The Rapper) Lyrics - Justin Bieber
[Intro:]Don't do it to me [2x]Oh, no, no, Oh, no, noDon't do it to me [3x]Oh, no, no, Oh, no, no[Verse 1: Justin Bieber]Focused, I'm focusedShe got a body like thatI ain't never seen nothing like that

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Turning To Stone Lyrics - Godsmack
Leave me bleeding, leave me dying on my ownLeave me wanting, climb your way into my soulI don't like it, I can't live without a traceI can't hide it, I can't take away its faceI don't know my nameI've

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Get Her Back Lyrics - Robin Thicke
All I wanna doIs keep it lightKeep it lightKeep you satisfiedAll I wanna doIs make it rightMake it rightIs make you smile tonightAll I wanna doIs give you that thing, play you that song, you and your

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Time For Bed Lyrics - Justin Bieber
What you wanna do girlWe've been on the phoneWe've been sending textsWhen you coming through girl?I don't wanna talkI just wanna see what's nextGirl, bring your behind to meI promise to give you what

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Cola Song (feat. J Balvin) Lyrics - INNA
JBalvin, Inna, the businessWe got that Coca Cola bottle shape, shape, shapeWe got that sugar, do you wanna taste, taste, taste?We take it all around the globeBaby everywhere we goMake it hot when mama

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LOW Lyrics - Inna
You got me feeling so aliveWe better slow downIt's like I'm on a roller coaster rideAnd I'm screaming so loudI got you so hungry for my loveFrom the walls right down to the floorAn animal let me hear

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Dear Future Husband Lyrics - Meghan Trainor
Dear future husbandHere's a few things you'll need to know ifyou want to be my one and onlyall my life
Take me on a dateI deserve a breakand don't forget the flowers every aniversarycause if you'll tre

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In Your Pocket Lyrics - Maroon 5
Say what you're mad at me for, me forYeah why you talk that evil, yeahThat's not the way you show love, show loveNo love, no love, no noSay what you're crying at me for, me forTry to control your egoT

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The Way I Was Lyrics - Maroon 5
Making love to a picture frameOne more time tonightYou can tell by the lines in her smileSomething is not rightWhere are you hiding (hiding)She's on the outsideI'm on the inside crying (crying)Just a

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Story Lyrics - Maroon 5
Do you mean all the things you are?Are you pleased with the way things are?Wear that dress to protect this scar,That only I have seen.Do you give just to please yourelf?Do you wish you were somewhere

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Lirik Lagu Dan Chord Gitar
Kumpulan kunci gitar atau chord gitar berseta lirikhkan saudara bermain dan lagunya untuk

Lirik Lagu Dan Chord Gitar
Lirik lagu dan chord gitar tempat kamu mendapatkan berbagai macam lirik lagu terbaru yang lagi

Lirik Lagu
Informasi lirik lagu terbaru untuk yang suka menyanyi silahkan liat dimari yo

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Kumpulan lirik lagu z

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