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Pokemon Tower Defense

Pokemon Tower Defense
Pokemon Tower Defense,Play Ninja-ja,Pokemon TD Homeblog,Cool Games
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Game: Balloon Touch for Android
We just finished Balloon Touch, an Android game developed using Adobe Air. Check it out on the Android Marketplace.
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Pokemon Tower Defense is out now on Android!
Finally got around to releasing it, the game is very much still at an early stage but I will be updating it on a weekly basis. Enjoy!Pokemon Tower Defense
Pokemon Tower DefenseAttack in Oak's LabPokemon Tower DefenseChoose your starter Pokemon
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Your feedback put into action.
UPDATE 2: New version 1.5 has exit confirmation box implemented. UPDATE: New version 1.4 has implemented fixes for all the issues mentioned in this blog post!Took some time today to gather up all the
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Pokemon Tower Defense: Small update for people who donated.
I'm sending out the emails to all those who donated to get their shiny starters, you will need a new version of the game which you can find here (I also changed the link on the other blog post)http://
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Pokemon Tower Defense: Level 6 progress, Weekly Updates, and more.
UPDATE 3: Level is about 85.111233232% done! About an hour if everything goes smoothly! UPDATE 2: Update is still coming tonight, just a heads up this next level is going to be a free roam level, mean
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Pokemon Tower Defense: Level 6 is out!
Quick post, Level 6 is finally out!Newgrounds might take a while to update to the newest version keep that in mind. Other websites basically stole the game from newgrounds so they won't have newer ver
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Pokemon Tower Defense: This week's update: Level 7 Work in Progress List
This week's update is starting to shape up so I figured I would keep you guys updated on what's happening. Let's get to it.Fixes/Tweaks: Pretty much all of these fixes are due to feedback that all of
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Pokemon Tower Defense: What's next? Doing the impossible. How to get your Mystery Gift code. You guys are correct.
Hey guys, I've been reading pretty much all the comments, haven't had the chance to really answer anything. Each week it gets harder and harder to answer all the great and not so great questions. I pl
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What's next? Fixing bugs, Ninja-ja alpha, help wanted, making pokemon more fun!
Hey guys, ready for another week of Sam & Dan Games?First I want to say that Ninja-ja Alpha is coming very soon, by the end of April, it will first be on the Android Marketplace for 99cents. The game
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Pokemon Tower Defense: Alpha v2.3 is out now! Small request
New update is out, it includes 5 new pokemon (2 exclusive to each version), a new level, and a bunch of bug fixes. Enjoy! This week we are giving away another shiny pokemon, thanks again to my friend
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