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Bayang Mayang vehicle

Bayang Mayang vehicle
Bayangmayang blog has provide Various Source Information is useful for reader especially automotive fans and tourist online.
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Fuel prices no influence on price of car
Fluctuation in the price of fuel oil was not so affect the price of the car. Because the increase in fuel prices only limited impact on the cost of transporting the car. Fuel prices no influenceFue
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BMW technology at Consumer Electronics Show
Before appearing at the Detroit Auto Show on January 12, 2015, BMW will first introduce a new technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, USA from January 6, 2015. BMWBMW t
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2016 Toyota Fortuner being tested
2016 Toyota Fortuner models recently caught being tested in Brazil. The latest concept car from the Japan automobile manufacturer this is again in the test. Image obtained from Noticias Automotivas si
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Abrico nudist beach in Brazil
Abrico nudist beach, where visitors are free to appear innocent, is still considered taboo for people in many countries. Even so, do not shut the fact that the nudist beach has always been a touristbe
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BMW New X5 M improve performance and stability car
BMW introduced crossover series X5 M first in 2010. Variants of the BMW X5 has been modified in some parts to improve the performance and stability of the car. [caption id="attachment_5919" align="ali
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KTM to mass produce electric motors
Unclear whether the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, KTM so mass produce an electric scooter or not. In fact, last years ago, KTM announced it will produce electric motors. It makes the KTM as origin
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Holes Devil's Kettle in Minnesota
Natural phenomenon that occurs in a place, is a major factor emergence of natural tourist destinations. Located Judge CR Magney at State Park in Minnesota, United States, there is an opening called th
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Justin and Selena seen together in Las Vegas
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez again showed affection. Earlier, the pair was photographed kissing in shopping mall in Toronto, Canada, now the couple was seen together at hotel in Las Vegas. [caption
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Legoland plans to open in Dubai
Dubai is very familiar with building a gold-plated luxury department. Many tourists who praised the beauty and grandeur of Dubai. The top attraction, Legoland also plans to open an entertainment compl
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How to repair the damage to door handle
How to repair the damage to door handle. Opening and closing the door is an activity that is certainly often be done by everyone. Not surprisingly, over time the door lock was damaged. However, it doe
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