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Batik Rider all about game

Batik Rider all about game
All about game, technology, computer, internet and gadget.
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Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.149 Final
Changelog : Full Support Windows 8 Bug Fixes for Windows 8 User A Windows ActiveX exploit that tricks users into opening a Microsoft Word document delivered as an email attachment which contains malic
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Windows Phone is Now More Marketable Than BlackBerry
New York, USA – Not yet crossed out the name Windows Phone from the list of Android and iOS competitors. At least according to data from Net Applications, Microsoft’s operating system has been able to
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Battlefield 4 screenshots sticking up
Some time ago it was leaked about game development projects Battlefield 4. Now, some screenshots of the game first began to be exhibited by Electronic Arts (EA). The presence of true Battlefield 4 to
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Google Preparing Android Watches
Big technology vendors such as Apple and Samsung are developing smart watches. Now, Google are reportedly working giiran similar devices. Media reports from the Financial Times quoted a source associa
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Probe New Features in PES 2014
Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2014 Konami is currently being made specifically for the latest generation of consoles, whether it PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720. A number of new features were embedded in it. D
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Themes Windows 7 : Naruto Shippuden, Angry Birds, and Maple Story
Free Download Themes Windows 7 : Naruto Shippuden, Angry Birds, and Maple Story Download: Themes Naruto Shippuden (22.9 MB) Themes Angry Birds (2.6 MB) Themes Maple Story (7.6 MB)
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Alexa Toolbar for Chrome
Features: Alexa Traffic Rank: See how popular a website is. Related Links: Find sites that are similar to the site you are visiting. Wayback: See how a site looked in the past. Search Analytics: Find
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Google Prepare iPhone Competitor?
Google’s acquisition of Motorola some time ago raises some estimates, one about the development of smart phones iPhone competitor. At long last, the mystery of this was covered started slightly parted
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Motorola: Razr HD More Good Than Galaxy S III
Galaxy S III to include smartphones this year, with sales reportedly been through 30 million units. But according Motorola, Droid Razr HD made him more powerful than the Samsung handset. Yes, the newe
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Google Antivirus for Android Disappointing
Google may succeed with the Android OS, but in terms of antivirus seemed to bite the fingers. Because, as quoted from Guru3D, Friday (14/12/2012), google antivirus application performance in an examin
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