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Aylesbury Autotech Limited

Aylesbury Autotech Limited
Auto Servicing without Main Agent Premium Charges We are Buckinghamshire’s independent Mercedes specialists, with decades of experience servicing and repairing new and vintage Mercedes models. Whatever your vehicle, but most especially if it is a Mercedes car or van, call us on Aylesbury 339513 first, before you spend out unnecessarily. Aylesbury Autotech use sophisticated diagnostics to fault-find on a wide range of vehicles and reduce service times, time savings that translate into cost-savings for our clients.
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What is checked in an MOT?
Many people are unsure about what is checked in an MOT test, which is actually an examination of a motor vehicle’s safety-related systems components. The test is required by law to ensure that these c
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Winter driving
Driving safely on icy roads Decrease your speed and leave yourself plenty of room to stop. You should allow at least three times more space than usual between you and the car in front of you. Brake ge
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Know your tyres
Checking your tyres regularly can save you both money and inconvenience. Tyres that display wear patterns on the edges can indicate high load carrying or under inflation typically anything below 30 ps
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What’s a reasonable garage labour rate?
Modern vehicles are now very complicated machines with a host of sensors and electronic control units controlling exhaust emissions, improve stability/braking and to facilitate sophisticated safety sy
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When should a cambelt be changed?
Important information There is not a standard change interval for cam-belts, it varies with manufacturer and model, but if a cam-belt breaks it can cause immense damage to your engine amounting to hun
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