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Android-REV 1

Android-REV 1
Android-REV 1
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Easiest Way To Disable Apple Pay If Your Watch Is lost Or Stolen!
Apple devices come with a lot of features that the reason that they are the most successful brand all around the world. It has also the feature to disable the apple pay if your apple watch is lost or

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Appcake ios 5.1.1 is Dead in 2015 . Read Why
Although its the era of a new ios version but still there have been a lot of searches in lately about the APPCAKE ios 5.1.1 . For those users who still own an old iphone, perferably iphone 3g,iphone3g

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AppNoti Cydia Tweak notifies you when app has finished downloading
There are sometimes when you download an app and just forget to use it after download. Because after downloading a certain app, iPhone,iPad does not give you an app notification when an app has finish

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Sense 5 Toolbox - the best customizer for HTC Sense 5 based ROMs
If you haven't used it yet - you really should. I'm talking about the "Sense 5 Toolbox" application, made initially for Android Revolution HD. In the last few weeks the popularity of this application

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HTC Sense 7.0 "G" version explained
Together with the latest and greatest HTC One A9 we saw the HTC Sense 7.0 "G" edition user interface for the first time. What exactly is the "G" version and how it differs from the "regular" version?

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HTC ROM Update Utility (RUU) variants explanation
Owners of HTC devices might be a little confused when it comes to understanding the current method of numbering used by HTC to mark their software updates. Here you can find a short explanation of thi

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How to: Fix no access to the virtual SD card after Android Lollipop update
This solutionis based on the experience with some HTC and Nexus devices, however it will work on anydevice running Android Lollipop or newer/older Android OS with SELinux (Security-EnhancedLinux) kern

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HTC Sense 7.0 - Internet Browser
HTC has just started rolling out the new HTC Internet app update. Newest version is tagged as 7.1.2514183160 and it brings some Material Design touches. This HTC Internet browser is a part of the HTC

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Incoming Android 4.4.3 with HTC Sense 6.1 for the HTC One M8
HTC has been working hard to keep the HTC One M8 at the cutting edge. These days, one of the crucial strategy element in the war between smartphones companies is to keep their top devices bundled with

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Removable battery - do we really need it?
With every release of a new smartphone the same question is asked - will it have removable battery? If you believe that removable batteries are a "must have" nowadays, please keep reading. I hope you'

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