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Altaf hussain's php blog

Altaf hussain's php blog
A blog of php source codes with examples, php custom functions, php scripts, code snippets and of everything which comes in between.
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Get Mimetype of an image in php
The built in function of php getimagesize() gives lots of information about an image. And this function is enough to get the mime type of an image. It also returns Width and Height of the image.

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Validate Latitude and Longitude with regex and php
There are times when you need to validate latitude and longitude coordinates. May be you are taking it as user input or from some other source. So here are two simple functions to validate lati

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Same as above with jQuery
TBH8H95KSR2B We often see a checkbox on mostly ecommerce websites which serves the purpose to clone billing address as shipping address OR shipping address as billing address. Let us impleme

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Convert Hex color to RGB with php
Converting hexadecimal colors to its RGB equivalent is not a big task with php built in function hexdec(). The hexdec() function returns decimal value of a hexadecimal number. Here is a little c

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Trim array values in php
The trim() function of php removes whitespaces or some other character from a string like... $trimmed = trim ($string); In above example trim removes only whitespaces but you can remove an

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Scroll to top with jQuery
Today i will tell you about scroll to top method. Earlier it was very difficult and not very fancy like we had used Anchors... I hope you remember. Anchors are used to enable links to a sp

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Download files using Curl
Download remote files programatically using curl. A simple and effective function to download files hosted on remote server. In the following function set the variable $dir to your directory in

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Display star ratings with css sprite
Sometimes we need to display star ratings on our site. Here css sprite is an easy way to do the same. This example will display ratings out of 5 which also includes 0.5, 1.5 and so on. Imag

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Useful HTACCESS Examples
Create a 404 Error Page The 404 or Not found error tells that the client didn't get the requested file. And the default error page is displayed. We can create a custom error page using followin

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Extract all links of a webpage in php
Extracting all links of a webpage is quite easy with simple HTML Dom and Curl. Just read the webpage with Curl and parse it with Dom to extract all links. Here is the script.
$url = "http

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