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Noah Bunnís Memories Of Aberystwyth Town 1999-2002

I remember it as a map now. A birds eye view. No, no I don't, I'd like to but I cant fix things in relation to each other and keep mixing North with walking forwards. I didn't have a car there, though I did have girlfriend with one for a while. I didn't even have a bike. But the town isn't so big that walking about it was much of an effort. But I'm used to walking a lot, and it hasn't been much of an issue for a while now.

There was the beach, with stones, and cold sea. I look back from time to time and wonder that I didn't spend much time on it, in the sea, or looking at it. But that tells more about me than it, there were always other things I was doing or would rather do.

I did take the studying seriously, had something to prove still, and felt it proved with my result. Others took it more so, but I was satisfied a on getting the result. It didn't really feel like home, but there were places I liked. There was a little local pub at the bottom of Penglais Hill that was good for pool, there was Aberystwyth Castle, I usually liked the way the streets looked, like you were on holiday. People always moaned about the hill but it was fun moaning about it, I don't think it would make me sweat now.

The National Library of Wales was a bit special too. It looked like a proper functioning castle, and I felt very weighty sitting in it or getting material from its archive. That was part of the back way to the university campus, the way I would travel in my third year there. Up past the pool and sports facilities, where we had most exams, not in the pool, in the sports halls.

The main plaza of the campus was drab, and I was disappointed by its greyness most times I saw it, I think. I would usually reach the main plaza from the stairs rising into it and then go left, to the university library or to my department. Where our lectures and seminars usually took place.

I only entered the university buildings on the seafront once. For some administrative reason I think. I remember thinking it looked like something out of Harry Potter, yes, I've read some of them, around that time too. Its the oldest part of the university, founded at the end of the nineteenth century, I write that for La Distincion.

Mr. Noah Eric Bunn has written this article with a lot of interest. For more impressions on Aberystwyth Town, please contact Noah Bunn from Northampton.