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Understanding Private Jet Charter Service And Its Various Aspects

Assuming that you have to travel from point A to point B on the globe on a certain date, what would be the smartest way to do so? There are people who would stick to the conventional method of booking commercial flights and endure all the sluggishness that comes with it but then there are others who would choose to be different. So what would the second group of fliers do? Most likely they will use their creativity and book themselves on a private jet through any reputed jet rental charter service. By doing so not only will they have saved on time and money but avoided disasters like 9/11 too.

For someone who is not aware of a jet rental service, this is an organization which specializes in renting out an aircraft. This is exactly opposite of the commercial airlines which charge their passengers for every seat because an aircraft rental lends out the plane as a whole in return for a charge. Needless to point out, these would be a little higher but there are a plethora of advantages as well, the foremost being 24 X 7 availability of the booked jet not to mention flexibility to land on just about any air-strip. Being a private jet it offers other luxuries as well like unmatched cuisines and unparalleled service.

Having decided to try out this different concept of travelling, how can a prospective traveler make his bookings? Jet rental services offer various kinds of packages and the facilities included in them also vary from one organization to another but there are four packages amongst them which are most common. An ad-hoc private charter service is a package in which an individual can hire a private jet either on his name or on behalf of the company. Depending on the quantum of business the aircraft can be leased or outrightly purchased with discounts being available in case of the former.

Many travelers who rely on private jet for transportation avail the air-taxi or on-demand services wherein the charges are levied for every trip. The destination, date of travel and amenities are scheduled as per the travelerís choice and the contract is over as soon as the journey concludes. Then there is the private charter membership package wherein frequent fliers can take up membership of a particular jet rental service by paying annual subscription charges. Last but not the least is partial ownership wherein the individual partially owns an aircraft, bears a percentage of maintenance charges and is entitled to yearly flying hours. †

An inevitable aspect of dealing with a jet rental charter service is the cost and this varies as per the make and size of the aircraft not to mention the facilities provided. Some of the common options are the Lear, Citation and Gulfstream and amongst these while the Citation is most cost-effective, the Gulfstream occupies the top rung of the ladder. These three options differ in terms of capacity as well so if you are looking for a private jet to accommodate a big group of around 15 people then Gulfstream is your best bet. While a Citation can accommodate up to six people, the upper limit for Lear is eight.

Jet rental charter service is like owning an aircraft but only when it is really required. Once the client gets in touch with them and explains his requirements, they take care of everything and organize the entire trip as per the exact specifications. Of course, the rates might vary as per the type of private jet which is chosen for the occasion but once the payment has been made, it is up to the staff to make all the arrangements. So what does the customer do in the mean time? He sits back and continues unhindered with his daily tasks until it is time to fly in order to honor his commitment.

Everyone must have heard of jet rental services but very few people must be cognizant of what the concept is truly about. To explain in short, it is a service which hires out an entire private jet in lieu of charges and provides the traveler with a customized flying experience.