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The Travel Skills: How To Save More Money When You Are On A Journey

In modern society, the pressure of the urban life and work is large, more and more people like traveling to give themselves to reduce pressure, but now tourism scenic spot consumption isn't cheap, especially festival and other prime time, so how to save money is a question. Below are some of my suggestions.
Tourism scenic: select "cold" scence spots, avoid "hot"
In tourist season, there are many people traveling and people like to go to hot scenic spot, so the demand of the tourism resources and all kinds of service exceeds supply, particularly during the holiday season, the price will be raised. If you travel to these places, no doubt, the cost will increase. If consciously avoid tourism hot spots to the relatively cold especially those new development of scenic spot, you can save a lot of money.
Tourism way: select "single", avoid "group"
Following travel service group traveling, you don't worry the arrangement of the guider and how to go to scene spots, the travel agency need profit, the money is from travelers,but the arrangement of the travel agency is inflexible, the time is not enough. There are some places that traveler want to go, but there is no arranged. Therefore, from these aspects, especially in order to save money, we can travel by ourselves. You can go to the places what you want to see; you want to see how long by your heart. Contrast to following the travel agency; you can save a lot of money.
Traffic: avoid flying, choice train
Now the holiday extension, many people have enough time to travel, you can by train and take the long distance bus completely, unless you must fly. You not only can appreciate the scenery outside the window along the way, but also cost much less by train and bus.
Accommodation: avoid "star international hotel",choice "ordinary hotel"
Traveling is tiring; therefore, having a quiet and comfortable rest environment is very important. It does not mean that you will live star Penn Hall. Choosing hotel should practicality and affordable, some ordinary hotels are cheap but its service and condition are good.
Today, I must stop writing. Do you want to know more ways to save money when you travel? If you want to, please be sure to read my next passage. If you think it's helpful to you, you can share with your friend.







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