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The Kroatien Campingplätze At Zaton Are Seen To Be Believed

Most of us prefer hotels with contemporary amenities when we got for a vacation. Yes, this is absolutely needed when we go for a vacation with our family. But when it is a group of friends that are going on a vacation it makes more sense to look for something different, something that will add to the fun of the vacation. When vacationing in Zaton in Croatia a different type of accommodation is available in the Kroatien campingplätze. Without staying in these campsites in the ADAC camping Kroatien resort in Zaton, something is definitely going to be missing from the vacation.

Zaton is a tiny and sleepy village in Croatia that thrives on tourism. The ADAC camping Kroatien resort here is the highlight of this area. This resort offers different types of accommodation - apartments and mobile homes being the most popular. But the real fun is in the Kroatien campingplätze. There are two zones in the camping site. The real fun is in Zone C in the non parceled zone of the campsite. This is an area that can accommodate up to 200 tents. The great part is that there is no designated space to pitch a tent. Wherever you find a space you can set up your tent there. There is no need to make a reservation. Now isn't that something out of the ordinary?

The only modern amenity available here in Zone C of the ADAC camping Kroatien resort is electricity. Otherwise you are just with nature. You want to take a bath in the Adriatic and you can do so. You want to go deep inside the woods and engage in some hiking and you can do so. You want to sleep under the sky in front of your tent and you can do that as well. But yes, what you need most - sanitary facilities are available here and they are top class.

If you are slightly more conservative then the parceled zone comprising of zones A and B are also there. Here there is space for up to 1,300 pitches and electricity, sewage and water facilities are available. This area can be booked through reservation and is more suited to families that are looking for that ideal vacation. This area of Kroatien campingplätze at Zaton is also exciting and has everything for everyone - adults and kids.

If you want that exotic vacation where you can be completely amid nature then Zaton is the place you may want to consider. Before you plan your vacation spend some time finding out about Zaton and you will be swept off your feet. Apart from all the action here in these Kroatien campingplätze you also sites of tourist interest like the St. Nicholas Church, the Kastenila Tower and many stone pits, grave mounds and Liburnian tombs.

When Kroatien campingplätze are ranked at the top of the ADAC camping Kroatien list you know these campsites are special. And the campsite at Zaton is indeed special. Just experience it and you will see.

The Kroatien campingplätze at Zaton are in the ADAC camping Kroatien list and this makes this place really special.