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Perth Hotels Or Perth Short Stay Apartments?

When you visit Perth for work or for leisure finding a suitable place to stay can be a challenge if you donít plan in advance. It is not that there are no hotels available in Perth even when you go there at a last momentís notice. But Perth is an important tourism city and hotels can be quite expensive here. When you plan in advance you can compare the costs and benefits of Perth hotels and Perth short stay apartments and then plan where you want to stay.

Perth is home to some fantastic hotels. Whether you want to stay in a luxury 5-star boutique hotel or a budget 3-star hotel there will be no lack of options. Among the best luxury hotels in Perth are Intercontinental Perth Burswood, Pan Pacific Perth, Quay West Resort Bunker Bay and The Richardson Hotel & Spa. Among budget hotels you get to see names like Hotel Northbridge, Ibis Budget Perth Airport Hotel and Pensione Hotel Perth. Where you would like to stay completely depends on your budget and how early you book.

Perth hotels offer deals throughout the year. Visit the websites of some of the best known Perth hotels and you will find some or the other deal waiting for you. In fact some of the deals are so good that you can stay in a luxury hotel by paying the price of a budget hotel. But this completely depends on your timing and luck. It could be the other way round too. If you visit the city during the peak tourist season even the budget hotels will ask for a fortune for a nightís stay.

In this regard Perth short stay apartments are much better. They have consistent rates throughout the year and they are more easily available due to their sheer numbers. However, donít try your luck here because you may not get the best apartment within your budget if you donít book early.

There are several advantages of Perth short stay apartments. First of all these apartments are fully furnished. There are sofas, beds and bathrooms with all required utilities. Secondly, they are way cheaper than all the good hotels of the city and they also are more spacious than the hotel rooms. And the fact that these apartments are spread throughout the city you can choose an apartment close to your work or convenience.

When you choose to stay in Perth short stay apartments you get the advantage of staying at home. The fully functional kitchen allows you to cook whenever you feel like. You get access to gyms and swimming pools that are there in the apartment complex. And parking spaces are also available along with these apartments. And all this comes to you for much less.

Choosing between Perth hotels and Perth short stay apartments is completely up to you. Think of your budget and your requirement and you will know which option to take. The best thing to do is to go through online reviews and try to save money by booking the right accommodation.

†Compare the cost of staying in one of the Perth hotels and Perth short stay apartments and then decide where you want to stay.