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Corporate Stay Made Easy With Melbourne Furnished Accommodation

When companies arrange for stay for their travelling executives they try to save as much money as they can. But this doesn’t mean that the stay arrangement is done in dingy hotels in seedy neighbourhoods. Melbourne is among the top cities in the world in terms of quality of living and most of the neighbourhoods are really nice here. So, in order to save cost on corporate accommodation and yet offer comfortable stay to their executives many companies prefer Melbourne furnished accommodation today.

You may ask the need for Melbourne furnished accommodation when there are so many great hotels in the city. Melbourne is home to most of the top hotel chains – Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton and Intercontinental and so on. Nothing can beat the experience of staying in these hotels and this is why these hotels are preferred by the top executives of various companies. But you will know how expensive these hotels can be. If the same quality arrangement is available in apartments for corporate accommodation then why not?

The biggest advantage of Melbourne furnished accommodation is that these apartments can be booked throughout the year. The usual method followed in these modes of corporate accommodation is weekly billing with a minimum amount of days billed. The cost of these apartments is at least 40% less than the hotels we just mentioned. It could be even more. A company can actually book an apartment for the entire year when it knows that its executives are going to make trips to the city every now and then.

This form of corporate accommodation is also more convenient. Since an entire apartment is rented people don’t need to stay cooped in a single room. They can use the living room for watching TV or entertaining guests and the bedroom will be used for sleeping. These apartments have full service kitchens where everything can be cooked. So, the executives will not need to eat outside throughout their stay in Melbourne. If they feel nostalgic about home they can cook their food in the kitchen.

And there is no lack of comfort in this form of Melbourne furnished accommodation. The apartments are best in quality and they are fully air conditioned. There is a lot of space available even when people travel in groups. The sofas and the beds and the linens are top class and absolutely comfortable. The balconies offer great views of the city of Melbourne. There are gyms and swimming pools too. What else can one ask for? These apartments are like oases when someone comes back to them after spending the entire day in at work.

If you are in the travel department of your company then you can save a lot of money by booking this form of corporate accommodation. Your travelling executives will love to stay in these top class apartments and you will add to your company’s bottom line. Do some research on the best Melbourne furnished accommodation and you can always find suitable arrangements for your colleagues.

 The trend is now to save money on corporate accommodation and a Melbourne furnished accommodation is perfect in this regard.