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Bangkok Rental Apartments

If you are an international traveller that is visiting Bangkok, Thailand, you will surely be considering various accommodation options for your stay. Like everyone else you too will be looking for cost-effective accommodation options in Bangkok. One of the popular options that you can consider here is Bangkok rental apartments. Bangkok attracts thousands of visitors every year, because for the Western travellers Bangkok proves to be a very economical vacation destination. Bangkok, which is the capital of Thailand not only attracts vacationers but also many business visitors. Bangkok does well indeed in meeting the diverse accommodation needs of the travellers.

If you are planning for a longer stay in Bangkok or if you are keen on finding homely accommodation options then Bangkok apartments rental will be the most perfect solution for your need. When you are looking for Bangkok apartments rental you should know a few things. Firstly, booking or renting a Bangkok rental apartment is lot different from booking your hotel room. This requires a contract which will indicate the duration of the stay, rental details, services included, etc. You will also be required to pay a security deposited while booking your Bangkok apartments rental. Though verbal agreements are common in booking your rental apartment in Bangkok, it is highly recommended that you sign a formal contract at least when you land Bangkok.

Few documents that you may need to present when signing an agreement with your apartment rental. You need to present your work permit or any other equivalent document issued by Thai Immigration, copy of passport and income proof if required by the property owner.

When you are signing your contract you need to make sure that you read the document in its entirety. Pay attention to the terms and conditions and in particular the ones on vacating the property before the contract period. You should also know that your landlord will not be able to increase the rent of the Bangkok apartments rental anytime during the contract period. However, the landlord can increase the rent for the next term if you are renewing the contract.

You can also buy an apartment in Bangkok for investment purposes or for your own use. However, you need to know a few things before you can purchase your apartment. If you are a non-resident of the country, you are required to transfer the funds to Thailand first as foreign currency and get a credit note in case of $20,000 or as Foreign Exchange Transaction certificate for amounts over $20,000. You will have to produce this credit note or this transaction certificate at the time of ownership registration. To remit the funds you need to have a Thai bank account and if you do not have a bank account in Thailand, you are allowed to remit the funds in the account of a third party legal representative or into the account of the property owner. You will have to go over the legal requirements carefully before you engage in any transfer of funds.