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Mobile Solutions Through Apps Is What Everyone Wants Now

It seems that as the latest electronic gadgets are getting smaller and smaller our language is also getting constantly abbreviated. We donít want to say application software or application now. We say app and apps are the ones that rule our world today. The best mobile companies all have their application stores from where they dispense some of the most interesting applications that can be used for almost anything. Mobile solutions today are not only about the latest handsets but also about all the software that allows them to let us do virtually anything.

Who makes apps? Consider any well known smartphone OS and you will find that all of them have their own applications. iOS for Apple gadgets, Android for a range of smartphone gadgets, BlackBerry for RIM and Windows Phone for Nokia are the top four in terms of smartphone gadgets. And all of them have their individual app stores from where millions of applications are downloaded every day.

Android obviously tops the list in terms of numbers because it is available on so many smartphones including Samsung and HTC and so on. And with Samsung and HTC now among the largest in the smartphone market the popularity of Android is only going to go up. But if you take a single device then the iPhone app download beats everyone hands down. BlackBerry and Nokia have taken a beating lately but they are trying to revive their market. RIM recently launched BlackBerry 10 and Nokia has started off well with its Lumia range of Windows OS phones. With all these mobile operating systems and their respective apps it is difficult for someone to ignore them.

For businesses operating in Australia apps and mobile solutions have almost become a must now. 36% Australians already own smartphones and by 2014 almost half the Australian population is expected to carry their smartphones. And as the sales figures of smartphones go up the number of downloads of applications will also go up. People today want much more from their mobile phones than just the ability to talk and send texts. Mobile solutions of different kinds are being offered and people are lapping them up like crazy.

Today applications can be created for anything. I particularly like this Android application where the website offers information on restaurants near me. If Iím in the mood for a nice meal with no particular preference for the cuisine I can just shake my phone and a randomly chosen restaurantís information will pop up on the screen. I shake it once more and another name will pop up. There are millions of mobile solutions like this and they are getting better by the day. Modern businesses all have their respective applications and they are generating huge businesses through ads and pop ups and what not.

If you want to promote your business in Australia you have to have apps around it. Mobile solutions are the need of the hour and the sooner you embrace them the better it is for you.

†The top priority when someone buys a mobile phone today is the range of mobile solutions available. One of the greatest deciding factors in smartphone sales are apps.