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Demystifying The Franking Machine? How Much Does One Cost?

What are franking machines? This is a gizmo that is meant to calculate how much you should pay for a parcel or a letter subject to how much it weights and where it is headed. The package is then stamped onto the label and voila! You are done. However, not many people have a clue of what one does or how much it costs. The following is a simple dissection of how much a franking machine costs and other details.

Basically, sometimes licking too many stamps in one sitting will leave you with a lot of cotton mouth. Hence, franking machines in a way alleviate this and also save you time; time that you would have spent affixing stamps and licking them.  When examining this device, we should start by first examining the structure of modern franking machines. They have a weight plate and a feeder which directs the postal item, where it is then imprinted.

Franking machines are found in major organisations that have large quantities of mail going out. There are different sizes of this device which cater to the differences of the mail going out. This is where difference in price tends to come in. In the UK, you will find that price of a franking machine ranges from £1,000 for the basic machine, to more than £20,000 pounds for more high volume franking machines. The ones that cost over £20,000 pounds are more technically advanced considering that they are automated; coming with an automatic feeder, a stacker and a sealer. These high volume models tend to take care of over 300 mail items per minute. If you are a business churning a sizeable chunk of letters on a daily basis, then the high volume model is the right fit for you. Not only are they convenient in terms of packing, but they are also convenient in terms of telling you how much you spend. They tend to have over 100 or so costing codes. These are there to let you know how much you have spent in any given sitting of franking.

Sometimes buying a franking machine might take a toll on your pocket. Hence, you should contemplate renting one instead. At least by doing so you are assured of keeping costs down and profits up. Charges range from over £20 to £29 per month. You should note that charges also include the cartridges and the ink you use on the franking machine and any repairs that might be required.

If you are in the market for a franking machine, then you are bound to find more information on the internet to this end. Franking machines are a must have in any organisation considering that they save time and money.

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