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Ad Manager For Bulk User Import, Export, And Deletion.

JiJi Technologies, the  global leaders  who  are already in the vanguard  in systems and security  solutions  for Active Directory and Group Policy based environment  is proud to announce   the launching of one more product  in their product  range for commercial availability namely  Active Directory Management Tool.


JiJi Active Directory Manager is a latest Active Directory Administrative Tool introduced in the market. Microsoft Windows Active Directory is very vital in the information technology Infrastructure. It is an uphill task, to manage an organization's users, computer and its security features in the Active Directory. In order to cope will all the responsibilities, it has become essential to have an Administrative tool to facilitate an efficient level of action on the Active Directory for perfect and accurate management of accounts, complying with all requirements and housekeeping. JiJi Active Directory Manager is a powerful interface to access Active Directory and to perform AD administrative duties with ease.                             


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In general managing user accounts, computers and contacts in Active Directory is a time consuming job for administrators. AD Manager helps administrator to make AD management process simple. JiJi Active Directory Manager is a simple yet effective tool with a unique solution for AD Helpdesk, managing active directory users, computers, contacts etc. Support for managing exchange mailbox, contact etc.


Let’s see the facilities provided in JiJi AD Manager




Reset password, Account Unlock, Disable / Enable Account, Delete user, Export user, Move user



User Management


Bulk User Provisioning, Templates for user Provisioning, Bulk Password Reset/ Account Unlock, Bulk Modification, Delete, Export, Move



Computer Management


Bulk Modification, Delete, Export, Move



Contact Management


Templates for contact provisioning, Bulk Import, Bulk Modification, Delete, Export, Move



Key Features:

1. Secured AD management tool

2. Bulk user, computer & contact management

3. Export/import features helps in Data migration in AD

4. Bulk AD User Provisioning/ De-Provisioning /Modification via CSV file

5. Delegate authorities to different users

6. Exchange user management.



Features of JiJi Bulk Manager:

1. Support for bulk importing/ exporting/ modifying AD objects (users, computers, contacts)

2. Support for generating AD password with different password complexities

3. Templates are available to speed up the process of AD user creation and modification

4. 1000s of user accounts can be created within seconds.


Benefits of JiJi Bulk Manager:


1. Performs the AD management within few mouse clicks

2. Fires up AD management process in bulk, instead of deploying it for individual AD objects

3. Helps administrators to create test environment within seconds

4. Helps administrators can create/ modify AD users in bulk.




Pricing and Availability:



For evaluation, JiJi Active Directory Management Tool is offered  for 30 days trial. You can download the evaluation  version from: