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The Future Is Cycling!

Cycling is amazing and let's face it, we all should be cycling to work and cycling more often. Forget the car, the tube, the train, the bus; cycling is a great way to stay in shape and an easy, efficient and safe way to get around.

Forget being surrounded by fellow sweaty commuters, or waiting not-so patiently in heavy traffic just to get 12 miles to your office door. Cycling is something we all should be doing a lot more of, the freedom, speed, and the fact that it is relatively cheap, are all even more reason to get on your bike!

For the employers reading this article, we want to inspire you to provide cycle facilities to encourage your staff to cycle to work. Cycle facilities are low cost and in an age where commuting should be called congestion and public transport is getting more and more irritating by the day, leading to stressed out miserable staff arriving at your door at 9am, we want employers to reward staff who cycle to work. This could even be by providing some basic cycle shelters.

Unfortunately cycling isn't without it's negatives, bike damage, and theft are not uncommon. To help you on your way to cycling more here are some top cycling tips - not to mention a few ideas for employers to offer their cycling employees:

1) Cycle shelters
Lots of employers have cycle shelters, where bikes can be kept locked up and dry, there are many places you can lock up your bike, but now employers are trying to encourage more workers to cycle to work, by offering the luxury of somewhere to also keep your bike dry. Many employers are starting to discourage car commuting by introducing more cycle shelters, huts and even showers and changing rooms for cyclists to change. Not to mention car sharing is also being promoted and rewarded in many large and small businesses - so if you really don't want to share your car on a daily basis or have to rely on someone picking you up, your bike is awaiting for you...

Employers listen up here, providing a cycle shelter for your staff will be really helpful, it would be a fantastic added benefit of working at your company.

2) Bike locks
Although it may go without saying, whatever you do, make sure that your bicycle is locked up. Bike locks are very important, you wouldn't leave your car unlocked would you...

3) Lockers
Employers are also offering cycle lockers and if you are an employer you may want to consider adding them to your offices.

4) Storage
We aren't talking huge warehouses, cycles don't take up a lot of space. Whether it is a secure storage unit or a cycle stand, having somewhere safe to store your bike will encourage your employees to cycle to work.

A few safety tips!
Helmets - always wear a helmet!
Cars - beware of cars!
Lights - make sure that you have flashing lights front and back of your bike.
Warm clothing - really important, especially when the weather is an unpredictable as it is these days.

So now, full of inspiration to get healthy, save money and enjoy more freedom, jump on that bike.

Employers - full of inspiration we hope you buy that cycle shelter.

This article was written on behalf of SAS Shelters who provide canopies, awnings, walkways and shelter solutions for commercial or domestic use.