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The Advantages Of Pilates Videos Over Health Clubs And Outdoor Exercises

Pilates is an exercise technique that has been widely spreading.  Its becoming popular has paved the way for Pilates videos. While fitness experts say that you’d get better results when Pilates exercises are done in the studio and with a certified instructor, many people who want to exercise cannot afford going to the studio, class or gym, as doing this is very time consuming in addition to being expensive. The videos offer some advantages over outdoor exercises and joining a health club in your area.


Pilates videos are ideal for those people who want to start a fitness program.  The videos offer a low risk Pilates exercises which is also inexpensive.  On the market are literally dozens of videos that will help you get started and motivated to keep up exercising.  You can easily get them at prices that range from ten to twenty five US dollars.  But before buying one, make sure that the videos that introduce Pilates are the right exercise program for you.  The reason is because these are not favored by everyone.


Pilates videos have some merits that include the following.


1.  Adaptability  -  You can do the Pilates exercises in any place where a TV set and a DVD player is available.  If you do not want or do not have the time needed to visit the gym and would rather exercise inside your home, you can get a video and work out at your own time.


2.  Variety – With Pilates videos, you can choose the exercise that you want.  There are many types of Pilates exercises that will be suitable to your style and level of fitness.  You can find available all types of mat exercises on videos.


3.  Cost effectiveness – Not all budgets can afford a health clubs and gym memberships, and also the expensive fitness equipment like step bend, dumbbells, etc.  But the Pilates videos can give you excellent collection of different types of Pilates for only a fraction of the costs of gyms and equipment.


4.  Privacy – If you are rehabilitated, or overweight, you might get self conscious or shy at a gym. Doing Pilates exercises in private can help you sweat out without getting worried about what people will say or think about you.


If having no tangible instructor is an issue because you feel that the instructions given on the video are not enough, you can make consultations with an instructor to have all your questions answered.  Also, you can join a Pilates for Life class for a brief period, until you have oriented yourself with the process, after which you can do the exercises at home.


Most videos on Pilates are low intensity, but there are some good ones that claim to produce results within a month or two.  That is, if you use it constantly and at least three times a week.  With a wide variety of videos on Pilates on the market certainly there is one that you will like and will suit your fitness needs.  However, if you are more of a muscle buff and would want a workout that is heavier and more strenuous, perhaps the Pilates for Life class would best be for you.

Pilates exercises are good for your body and hence you must buy pilates videos.