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Things To Consider When Accentuating Your Formal Attire With A Tie

When dressing to impress, there are ways that you can contrast colors and patterns that compliment your skin tone and sense of style. A tie is a 'must have' accessory when it comes to men's fashion.  They are worn often in office settings, formal events, as part of uniforms, etc.  Ties are so popular that they are sometimes even worn by women, though it is not very common. 


There are various many tips that you can follow to complete your fashion style, and neck ties should be at the top of your list, gentleman.  A gentleman's formal style would look completely unfinished without being accentuated by a neck tie.  It is the absolute first thing that catches his viewer's eye.  Because of this, it's crucial that you select the right tie  to compliment your attire.  Some people do not know this, but you should also choose a tie that compliments your skin tone.  Be sure to choose your tie correctly, otherwise you might end up  looking like a walking bilboard for fashion disaster!



Though you would think it would not be a hard thing to do, choosing the right tie might not be as simple as one would think. You have to color coordinate your tie with your full ensemble, including jewelry and other accessories.  Ties come in a vast array of designs, prints, colors, styles, and materials or fabrics.  You might be partial to bowtie's, or you might prefer neck ties.  That would be a matter of preference.  Here are a couple of tips that will assist you in choosing the proper necktie for your ensemble.



When picking out ties, consider the material that it is made from.  Silk ties are great because they hold their shape well.  Try to steer clear of ties made from cotton, as they are known to wrinkle and that can be quite unsightly.  Wool ties can be worn for a more casual look.


When choosing colors, it is important to think of what it is that you are trying to accentuate.  Contemplate two things: do you want to contrast or compliment.  If you are wearting a dark shirt, a light colored tie to contrast the dark color might look best.  You may choose to wear your ties as a compliment to the other colors that you are wearing.  If you are wearing a light colored shirt, you might choose to wear the same color tie to compliment the color of your shirt.  If you are going to compliment a green shirt with a green tie, make sure that the green tie is a different shade of green.


If you are a little more outgoing and like patterned ties or ties with prints on them, make sure that you wear thoes ties with  solid colored shirts.  If you are wearing a patterned shirt, contrast that with a solid colored necktie.  You have to be choosier when dealing with matching ties with different patterns. 

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